Your first commercial lawn mower.

Getting your first commercial lawn mower can be pretty challenging. There are so many options out there with so many models and sizes. What is best for you? Should you go with the biggest you can buy? Should you get a tractor, a ztr, a walk behind? That’s what one of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was thinking about when he asked “What would be the most versitile all-around mower to buy? For average to large yard. Zero turn? Tractor? What brand? How large of a cut?

First commercial lawn mower

First commercial lawn mower

So far this is the equipment I’m thinking of getting… A nice self propelled 21″ mower, leaning towards a (Toro 20092 Personal Pace.) I have the trimmer (Stihl FS 90R) edger (Stihl FC 90) and blower (Stihl BG 86) picked out, and maybe the (Toro 30986, fixed deck hydro drive.) Oh and of course a trailer, either 5′x8 or 6′x12.

Of course the only thing I could use up here is the 21″ push mower. The average yard is only 1,600 sq. ft.”

Here is some great advice from a veteran lawn care business owner. He replied “if this is your 1st commercial mower and you can only afford one, I would say a walk behind with a hydro transmission with a 48″ deck and a sulky.

This is the least expensive way to go and pretty much covers what your looking for. The sulky will spare your legs on the larger lawns.

Personally I have a mower for every application.

  • Toro ZMaster 62″ deck.
  • Great Dane Stander 52″ deck
  • Wright Stander 36″ deck
  • Lesco Walk behind 48″ deck
  • Lawn Boy 22″ deck

I really like the Standers and so do my helpers for average sized yards. You don’t feel as tired at the end of the day as you do with a walk behind. Whatever you decide to buy make sure a nearby dealer will service you.”

“Thanks for the tip. Would it be better to get a floating deck as well?”

“Not necessarily. If you get one that comes with a floating deck great. I have got both and my fixed decks on my Wright and Great Dane cut just as good as my Toro and Lesco which have floating decks. I mow at 3 to 3 1/2 inches all the time anyways so scalping is not a problem.

I also am running Stihl trimmers and blowers and love them. If you can swing it get a Toro Proline instead of the Personal Pace models. Also go to a 6×12 trailer right away you won’t regret it.”

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