Worst pain ever while mowing.

Mowing lawns for a living can be a very hazardous occupation. Beyond the constant threat of injury from the mechanical equipment, you also need to be wary of mother nature. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from a few entrepreneurs who were on the receiving end of  wasp and bee attacks. If you haven’t had this experience yet, consider yourself lucky and follow the tips below to be prepared or avoid it all together.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this past summer I experienced the worst pain I ever had while out on my ztr. I was mowing a yard. It was my last yard of the day so I was whippin around pretty quickly. I was in the ‘zone; trying to get done fast. I’ve mowed this one yard so many times before, rarely do I look up.

As I was circling a tree in the back yard, all of a sudden I got a burning sensation in my neck. I thought nothing and kept going, again and again and again. Realizing my roll bar hit a nest in the tree, I jumped off and hauled butt! I made it to the front yard out of breathe and in pain. After letting my customer know of the problem I called It a Day.

Went straight home, a couple of hours later I couldn’t move. Ultimately I found I was stung 10 times and all the venom went to my arm pits ( the bodies defense mechanism is sending it to the place where it can be sweat out, I researched later). It was absolutely the worst pain I’ve dealt with. The next day I went back to retrieve my mower and found the customer had called an exterminator. They said it was Balled Faced Hornets! Most aggressive stinger known to fly and can sting repeatedly.

I wouldn’t wish that pain on nobody! Luckily my mower hit a tree and stopped rolling down the hill, into the pond.

Now I keep sting kits and a couple cans of raid in my truck at all times. I bet my roll bar didn’t even hit the nest, probably was just the vibration from the mower caused them to attack. Either way I’ll be sure to be more cautious of my surroundings! I hope none of you ever find yourself in one of these situations but just in case you do, take it from me, pay attention to what you are doing and always be prepared.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I have come across these short tempered little bastards as well. I worked for a pest control company about 8 years ago. We had a job in a customer’s attic and stumbled upon a nest. I have a terrible phobia of bees and wasps, but I suited up anyway and went back up. I was stung 3 times through the bee suit before I finally got them all killed. It was a very freaky deal because as I approached the nest, they began pouring out of it like a broken water main and they had me covered in seconds.

As they came out of the nest, they were like little kamikazes and were dive bombing me in the face shield and helmet. It sounded like little bb’s hitting me. Pretty scary moment because there were hundreds of them all over me and I could feel the vibrations through the suit. I’ve also been nailed by yellow jackets while mowing and they’re just as bad because they leave a pheromone when the sting you which alerts others to your location. They can find you up to two hundred yards away, in case you decide to run. The pain from one sting is not as bad as a bald faced hornet, but the sheer number of stings from yellow jackets is what will get ya. They cover you and follow you no matter where you go. Best thing to do is to get into a vehicle or house and shower.

You can buy over the counter ’sting kits’ at any pharmacy or in the sporting goods section at big box stores. The best thing about wasps and any other bees than honey bees is that when they sting, they don’t leave behind their stinger. Honey bees are the only ones who sting you once, leave their stinger in you, and then fly away and die. The best advice I can offer is if you are NOT ALLERGIC to bees and wasps, to take Benadryl after you get stung.”

A third added “I got nailed by ground bees (some sort of wasp/hornet, I think) on three occasions last summer. All on the lower legs, while wearing shorts.

I thought I was going to cry when I was first nailed and I couldn’t believe the pain afterward - felt like I was hit with a bat the next day.

I had never been stung before, so the first time, I went straight home (was about a mile from home) just in case I had a reaction.

I carry a can or two of wasp spray now.”

A fourth shared “if I get stung by a bee, I have 20 seconds or less to live due to being allergic so I have to be extremely cautious.”

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