Where is the best money in fence jobs?

A great way to gain new lawn care and landscaping work is to talk to as many people as you can. Even going door to door can help you find jobs you might not have even thought a home owner wanted. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we see how a fence job was found by going door to door. But is there money in building fences or are there other fence services you could sell, that make much more profit?

One lawn care business owner wrote “I went door to door the other day and found a man in need of a fence. He is needing approximately 900 ft of it that would be 4 ft tall. With the total fence being no climb 4×2 and about 300 ft having 4board wood over the fence, like ranches use. The remaining 600 ft would need bottom and top barb wire. To me this seems like installing 2 fences.

Ive been told by a few contractor friends around here, that they get like $1.25 per ft. after materials. Another guy said since its double fenced to try to get $2 dollars per foot after materials. Any suggestions on this would be much appreciated.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “I got out of building fences a while back when I found there is better money in other services. Instead of building fences, we drill about 400 fence post holes a year. In short we charge $15.00 per hole, with a minimum of $60.00 plus $45.00 for transportation. I generally try to line these jobs up so that they are done on weekends. Where I live, it’s hit and miss on rock. We are running hydraulic augers because of this, although I have no idea what the shear pressure of it is, but I know it’s pretty high.

If for whatever reason, I have to switch from using an auger to using a bucket and dig, it’s $75.00 an hour for this unit. I have honestly dug rocks twice the size of garbage cans. Some sites were a nightmare as the home had been back filled with boulders and as I recall it was a fairly new home.

The cheapest way around here when it comes to concrete is to have a concrete truck come. It is so much faster and cheaper. I understand there are cements you pour in the hole then add water and I have seen the results and they are good but I always found that using a cement truck was better and cheaper.

As for construction I have learned over the years to stay away from fence and deck construction. Around here, there are so many people doing it, it’s as competitive as lawn mowing and they are doing it for next to nothing so I found there is simply more money to be made in digging fence post holes.

Sure I can build fences and decks, but I am not interested in making $18.00 an hour building when I can make over $50 an hour digging holes with my excavator. You may want to experiment with post hole digging too and see if that improves your profit margin as well.”

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