What to do when you show up for a lawn care estimate and a competitor is there!

It’s going to happen to you inevitably. You are going to be called to a property to give a lawn care estimate, only to pull up and see a competitor already on site. How they handle themselves and how you do will decide who the potential customer goes with. But what should you do when this happens? That’s the question asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and the response to it may just help you land the account after all.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have a question about a situation I ran into the other day. What do you do when you’ve set an appointment for a lawn care estimate, and when you get there, another landscaper is giving a quote? When this happened to me, I sat in my truck and waited until the guy was done. He spent 15 minutes with the lady. I was there for an hour! I sold the job and got it!

Since I got a chance to watch my competitor, I can say our appearances differed drastically. I wear a company shirt, hat, and khakis while the other guy had a t-shirt and jeans on. I think this was a big part in why I won the bid.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I have had this happen to me before too. I was taught a few things from this situation.

#1 ALWAYS bring your lawn care equipment with you. If they want service and they hire you, you can do it right after they sign up.

#2 If another or multiple lawn care companies are there competing for the same client, when they are done, wait until they leave and present your mowing bid to the potential client as well. You never know what can happen. If you turn around and leave, you didn’t try, and you definitely won’t get the job.

I’ve went to a women’s house once and another lawn care guy was there along with a teenager who had his mower. The teenager was charging less than me but only did mowing. The other guy was charging the same as me but charged extra for weeding and other things. I presented my pitch to her that included mowing, trimming, edging, cleanup, and the first initial bush trimming was included at the time and she signed with me. To top it off, neither of the other competitors on site had a lawn care contract. They only used verbal agreements. I had a contract with me and I looked professional.

This year, I have been advertising that you get a free mowing if you sign up for a year of lawn care service with me. It’s the little things that get you in the door. Appearance is important as well.”

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