When the storm hits, will you be prepared to profit?

When storms come through your area, are you prepared to service your community? Will you be able to remove fallen trees? Board up broken windows? Cover damaged roofs with large tarps? Pump water out of basements? Offer general property clean ups? We had a great discussion on this topic in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that I want to share with you.

One of our members wrote “Well it looks like we will be hit with Hurricane Bill on Sunday afternoon. Although things can change, I have been following this storm since it started and none of the computer models have changed their projected path.

When the storm hits will your lawn care business be prepared to profit?

When the storm hits will your lawn care business be prepared to profit?

It’s projected to only be a Cat 1 when it hits here. The issue is a Cat 2-3 had hit here in 2003 and did massive damage to the area woodlands. I alone lost almost 300 trees, many of which still need to be cleaned up. In fact 90% of our tree work this summer was from that storm. It weakened millions of trees that seem to fall late in the summer when we start receiving the tropical storms that blow up the Atlantic.

Today was a 12 hour workday here but I still managed to get 50 gallons of gas and 30 gallons of diesel. I received 32 emails today some from current clients some people I have never heard of asking if they can be put on a list for tree clean up should the storm hit us as projected. In a sense I am not looking forward to this but at the same time it is a challenge that we are ready for. All three of my wood chippers and seven chain saws are ready to go. I picked up 10 x 24’s of bottled water and lots of dry food to keep us going.

The only thing we will be short of is staff.”

Would it be worthwhile to send out an email to your clients on how to prepare for the storm and if they have any tree problems, to call you?

“If I had the staff I would write a nice letter and email clients but if the storm is half as bad as they say this morning, we will be clearing and chipping for weeks.”

Another member shared “We had a tornado hit us yesterday…just down the road from me…very very close to home.”

Tornado damage

Tornado damage

Tornado damage

Tornado damage

“Do you offer any cleanup/tree services? Generally what happens here is anyone with a truck and saw places a sign on the side with their rate and cell number. The local outdoor power center told me they sold over 300 saws in the past 48 hours. I now have over 60 requests to be placed on standby. I was out all day working with the crews removing trees near powerlines, we use the excavators and tractors to put pressure on the trees and make them fall where we want, really good danger pay for doing this work, we charge $125.00 per tree, that is just to fall it. Then if they want we will send in a crew to cut it up and chip. I have two 8″ tow chippers which frees up the tractors for other work, I rented two trucks this morning and everyone headed out.”

“Here are some photos I took of Hurricane Bill as it came ashore 10 minutes from my house.”

Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill

Hurricane Bill

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