What you should include in your lawn care website.

Are you looking to create your own lawn care website? Or maybe thinking about adding some information to it but you are not sure what? Consider these ideas from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

The difference between success and failure can be very slight. So can the difference between good and great. That is why it is so important to always be reading on how to improve your lawn care business. The Gopher Forum is great for this and from it I learned another great tip.

Lawn care website tips

Lawn care website tips

A lawn care business owner had been busy this past year and only was able to put together a one page website. It didn’t include much beyond a few pictures and contact information.  He wrote “well I got busy this year and now finally got started on my website. I’m lost for ideas. Any information or idea would be very helpful.”

Have you looked at any of the free lawn care web templates on the Gopher Forum? They will at least give you some link ideas.

Maybe include the following sections: About us, services, testimonials, photos, contact us?

Another business owner suggested “these are all critical. I find customers like seeing the equipment I have and I know this because when they fill in my website’s contact form, it will often state I see you own an xxxxxxx machine, do you think it would do xxxxxx.

Include before and after pics of what you have done, a blog that shows at least a month ahead of what you plan to do, I started this and received a lot of inquiries but became so busy I never kept it going. It’s old now but in March I will start writing again how we should start in April, we have 37 landscaping projects ready to go for the Spring and 169 clients to spray so at least cash flow will be there out of the gate and the company has more than enough to carry itself through the next few Winter months while I venture off and do some other things.

A good website tells a prospect a lot about you and will more often than not determine whether or not they even contact you.

Just google lawn care websites and keep note of what caught your eye and incorporate similar things in yours.”

That is really interesting! I bet customers must come up with a lot of interesting questions or requests.

Do any of them stand out? Do they ever ask you if you can do something that is totally out of the range of the equipment they are referring to or are they usually within the realm?

“Only one stands out at the moment. He wanted to fill in a boggy type area and wanted to know if we had the power to do it. I took my sales guy with me as we were going for coffee anyhow. There isn’t a machine around that could do what he wanted. If you drove across that marsh, you would have never seen it again and he wanted us to cross his neighbors lawn to do it.  The neighbor was cool with it but we would have to cross a septic system and this guy needed at least 50 loads of fill. We are talking 100 ton’s! Anyhow with that specific job, I had to walk away from it but I did explain why.

Driving home I was reminded we would need an environmental permit and we agreed it would never be approved anyhow. That is the only outrageous one at the moment that stands out. We have been able to do every other job requested since.”

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