What to do with $200 to market your lawn care business.

It sure would be nice to have an unlimited lawn care marketing budget so you could do any idea you wanted. But what should you do when your marketing budget is limited? To be more specific, what should you do if you only had $200 to promote your mowing business? That is what one entrepreneur wanted to know when he asked his question on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum with a lot of interesting ideas in response.

One lawn care business owner wrote “if you had $200.00 to spend on lawn care marketing, what type of marketing would you spend it on? Lettering for the truck and trailer? Print advertising? What’s your thoughts.

The marketing that has worked best for me in the past has mostly been word of mouth. I have had some success with use craigslist as well. Over the past few years as the economy slowed, I didn’t really need to do any advertising as I had plenty of work, but since the economy has stayed slow, I have lost some of my clients which haven’t been replaced.

I’ve been trying the cold calling with no luck yet, along with passing out business cards like crazy. Something needs to work soon as I am finding myself buried under bills from the previous winter.”

Lawn care marketing

Lawn care marketing

A second lawn care business owner said “with a $200.00 advertising budget, I would say door hangers for sure. You can print these out yourself to save money or get full colored ones reasonably priced from online printers.

You can also try to get another locally owned business to let you put a ‘ballot box’ on their counter where their customers can enter a drawing for a free mowing .

Buy a few books of stamps and send some hand written letters out to real estate agents and/or new home owners to offer your services.

Or you can take the $200.00 to advertise for something totally different! During the summer, everyone loves to be outside this time of year. It’s time to smell the fresh cut grass, go fishing with your son, and have neighbors over for a BBQ.

Why not organize a BBQ rib cook off in your community. It could be anything you want to cook really, ribs are tasty though. Charge people a small fee to enter their special ribs and donate all proceeds to your local soup kitchen or charity. Get another local business to co-sponsor the event. You could create quite a lot of buzz around your business with this approach I would think.

At the cookoff, have your lawn care truck, trailer and equipment all neatly on display. Pass out flyers and business cards there. Offer a special discount to people that enter or otherwise donate to the charity of your choice. You could probably even get a local radio station to cover the event. The sky is the limit! Think big!”

A third business owner added “with only $200 I would go with lawn care door hangers and direct sales calls. I have door hangers printed each year. They are the kind that have my business card at the bottom. The door hanger is perforated and people can take the card off and hang on to it to call me later. The door hangers are laminated so they are water resistant. They work well outdoors. I prefer full color front and back as they tend to get me the highest number of response.

Then you should go out and knock on doors of residences and commercial facilities. Meet people, say hello, and shake hands. Hang the door hangers on doors that no one answers and give them to the people who answer the doors. I would also do some networking by sending a letter introducing yourself to other companies in your area that you could refer and ask them to refer you. It would also be a good idea to work on your web site and internet presence with craigslist ads, facebook, etc.”

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