What to do if you are a lawn care business owner with many tattoos?

Mother always warned you about getting tattoos and how they will stick with you for life. So what are you to do when you find yourself wanting to start a lawn care business and are heavily tattooed? You may have some concerns on how being tattooed will effect your ability to go door to door and meet new potential customers. You also may be looking for some tips on how to move beyond those issues and grow you business. Here are some tips from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that should help.

One lawn care business wrote “I started up my company back in November and any way, I am 6 ft 1″ and weigh 250lbs, heavily tattooed. I have tattoos on my hands, neck, you name it. About the only thing that isn’t inked is my face. So my question is, how do I go about getting new lawn care customers? I’m afraid to walk up to some old lady’s door to hand out a flyer. She might have a heart attack or shoot me! So what do you suggest?”

Lawn care business owner with tattoos.

Lawn care business owner with tattoos.

A second lawn care business owner said “I’d start by maybe wearing some long sleeve shirts with a collar, long pants, and work boots. Keep it honest and non-intimidating looking. I’m sure you already thought of that. It would help if your truck and clothing all had your business name on it too.

I’d say see how it works out. I can’t imagine how you would get jobs with full body ink but it could work out. Word of mouth is going to be your best bet to gain new customers, once you get to know your current customer base and you get along with them. Then you can ask for referrals. Tell your customers you really want to grow your business, give them a bunch of business cards, and let them know any help they can give you in referring you to others would be most helpful.

If you want to have flyers distributed to homes in your area, maybe you could hire someone to put out your flyers for you? I wouldn’t want a full ink’d landscaper walking up to my doorstep, but i’m REALLY nervous about that sorta stuff. I’m sure you would get work but it may be slow to start.”

A third business owner said “I think you can be scary without tattoos and just because you have a lot of tattoos doesn’t make you scary. Being successful in business is about personality. I have tats on my neck (wife and kid’s names). I have a rather large visible tat on my left outside forearm.

I had only one elderly lady comment on it and she said, ‘What a pretty tattoo!’ Now that isn’t the experience I expected as my tat is a military one reading Death Before Dishonor with an Bald Eagle, Sword, Heart, etc. I also have a tribal arm band that is visible when I wear short sleeve polo’s. I have never had an issue selling.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind though:

  • Do not look like a business man: you want to look like you know your business, the most dress up would be a polo with your business name / pair of khakis / and your work boots. <- this is an honest look.
  • Clean cut: clean shaven, if you have a beard or go-tee then trimmed well and clean shaven around. <- shows self respect: can’t respect others unless you respect yourself.
  • Personality is going to be key when it comes to the tat’s. Be sincere.
  • Remembering names is good but the biggest name to remember is the homeowner’s wife! If the wife doesn’t like you, you’re not getting the job.

There are more but I believe these are the biggest. Good luck to you and may your business flourish and profit in the years to come!

Just provide the best customer service you can and do quality work and you should be fine.”

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