What do you eat for lunch on your lawn mowing route?

Working all day mowing lawns is demanding on your body and requires you to eat a healthy amount of calories to make up for all the work you do. But what should you eat when you are out mowing lawns all day? Should you simply stop at the nearest fast food restaurant for a lunch or should you put a little planning into what you bring yourself to eat? Certain lunches can really add up in expenses at the end of the month and lead to weight gain, so is there a method that is better than others? That is what one business owner wanted to know when he asked his question on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.”

One lawn care business owner wrote “as I am getting busier and busier, I find I have less time to just do whatever I want for lunch. I am getting to the point where I need to plan out my lunch breaks better. That got me wondering about what does everyone do for lunch? Do you just order fast food, do you pack a lunch, or what?”

A second lawn care business owner responded “for me, it depends on the jobs I am doing. I usually pack a lunch, however my lawn route is very close to my home neighborhood so sometimes I stop home and have lunch.”

Lawn mowing route lunch.

Lawn mowing route lunch.

A third said “in addition to packing a lunch and fast food, I always carry ‘Powerbars’ or some other high-calorie equivalent for ‘in between meals’ or just in case I can’t stop for lunch.”

A fourth shared “I pack a lunch box with an ice pack and some fresh fruit,
apples, grapes, pears what ever is in season. I use to eat at fast food restaurants but I was getting way too fat and the meat sandwiches with the processed meat wast upping my cholesterol levels way to high. After a few medical scares, I decided that was it. No more eating unhealthy. I have to think of myself as an athlete in constant training for all the outdoor work I do.”

A fifth added “I try to bring my own lunch every day, but it’s hard sometimes if you don’t have the time or don’t go grocery shopping. You never realize how much time and effort it actually takes to make and prepare food, especially in advance! But it really does save you a ton of money instead of buying stuff everyday. That gets SUPER expensive.”

A sixth said “I like fruit but even after cutting one lawn everything suddenly tastes like grass. I don’t get hungry at all when working so I’d have to force myself to eat. Maybe it’s all the grass clippings that I inhale that keep me full!”

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