We will beat any lawn care quote by at least 20%.

What should you do when you open your mail and see a lawn care business direct mail campaign that says “We will beat any quote you receive by at least 20%!” How do you compete with those willing to drop their prices by at least 20% to get the job. The simple answer is you don’t. Let’s take a look into how members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum are dealing with such extreme lawn care marketing offers.

Lawn care business marketing sign

Lawn care business marketing sign

One of our members said “I continue to promote my lawn care services, but I am not limited to any one thing and I offer a complete lineup of property maintenance services. I won’t waste my time bartering with these customers, there are plenty of guys/ gals running around neighborhoods looking for the quick buck that will keep them happy until next week or month.

I also do handyman work and I can schedule these around each other like on rainy days or if I get in a pinch I have a network of contractors that I trust and can draw on if needed and vice versa. I’m also starting to get emails and calls from asset companies to do rehabs and continued care for foreclosure homes and more and more folks are getting things fixed around there homes these days, so look into what one can offer for services.

In watching other small businesses grow I noticed that the ones that seem to continue to grow always had a couple of irons in the fire, usually related in some way. My old boss owns a logging outfit, then started buying woodlots and now develops them to the point of house lots, then sells them through his own realty company.

I know a guy that offers pressure washing to go with his lawn & landscaping business and that keeps him going.

If one door closes another one opens and I see it all the time. If I’m not offering lawn mowing I will be doing something, whether building picnic tables, decks, painting, doing a remodel, there always seems to be something that comes along just when I need it.”

Joe said “My suggestion to all of you is to stand out in front of your client’s homes with a pen and paper. Try to write down all the services you can offer to your client, IE; Not only the standards like, lawn mowing, edging, line trimming, blow, mulching and flowering but how about small home repairs? Change out the outside lights, gutter cleaning, touch up on home (paint), putting up Christmas lights or decorations, cleaning out and organizing garages and shelving in the house or garage, the list can go on and on. Just use your imagination and stay with in your realm

I just took over this account and reviewed with this client what services I do and gave her a hard copy of it as will so she can reference it later, just in case she needs something done. As we were speaking, she stated that she needs her 2nd story windows cleaned. About 12 of them. I told her that I could do it and it would take me about 2 – 3 hours to do. She said okay and just bill me. I asked her if she wanted to know the price and she says, “No, because I’m not going up there to clean them, (we are outside and she is looking up at them) whatever you charge is okay with me”. So tomorrow I am cleaning some windows and adding maybe a service that can happen several times a year.”

Steve added “The number 1 thing you can do that will lead to more you can offer is ask! Ask what other services you need? What are you looking for? How can I help you? You can try to guess, you can try to second guess, but what does that get you? Ask them to think about it and get back to you!

By asking Real Estate companies what they needed, I found that they wanted foreclosed homes cleaned, rugs shampooed, walls with picture hole filled in and re-painted, etc. I also found they need properties winterized. They pay me $50.00 per property ($100.00 if property has a sprinkler system). This is a good Fall extra income!

Their suggestions (wants - needs) can and will lead to new services to offer. So always remember to ask.”

I hope these suggestions lead you to talking with your customers more and asking them more questions. If you would like to join in on this discussion, visit the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

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