Was getting your business going a culture shock?

Starting a new lawn care business is tough, as we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. In it a question was asked that got everyone thinking. When you were getting your business started, did you feel there was a culture shock that you went through at least initially? Where you felt it would be easy to get customers because the people you know, liked you? Since people liked you, they should buy from you.

But when you went out there trying to get customers, you found it to be a different world? Or were you able to simply reach out to those people that knew and liked you and get them to sign up as customers?

One lawn care business owner responded “high school never ends. Life is a never ending popularity contest. If I had to guess, I would say at least a third of my customers (especially door to door generated) give me business simply because they like me more so than another guy who gave an estimate. On the flip side of that, I am sure plenty probably didn’t because they thought some other lawn / tree guy was prettier than me, better than me, or whatever than me. I have had customers actually tell me that they went with me due to their other estimate seeming ‘not worth dealing with.’

A second lawn care business owner said “over the years I have found you are better off not doing business with friends, as they want everything now and for free. You are better off keeping business and friends separate if you can, but I agree business is a popularity contest.”

A third shared “when I got started, I tapped into the network of people I knew. My situation is probably different than most as I had a high level corporate career in finance. I simply fired off emails, then it was friends of friends of theirs. I did 461 landscaping/spraying jobs in the first two years.”

A fourth said “I gave out business cards to everyone I knew, and only got one account (that’s not regular) that was a clean up through my wife, and we know plenty of people, doctors especially. I found no one really cares about my business. The only people who call are people that found me on google and in the newspaper so far.

Most people in my area take care of their own lawn. I live in a kind of a poorer, yet touristy area, because of the lakes, and the only people that find me for the most part, are people that live out of town with second homes.”

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