Trailer park lawn care bid.

Performing lawn care for a trailer park can differ a little from mowing residential homes. The plots are usually a lot smaller but there is also a lot more trimming than mowing. What’s the best way to price a mobile home bid? Is it even worth it? That is what one member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was wondering when he asked us about such a bid.

He wrote “There is a mobile home park in my area that is up for bidding. It has approximately 70 to 80 mobile homes that are spaced 20-30 feet apart.

  • Trimming 125-140 ft per mobile home
  • I have a 42in deck mower (will be expanding if i get the job)
  • Edging none
  • There are about 40 trees to cut and trim around the property

They want to find out from me, how much I would charge per mobile home. I was thinking about $15 to $20. Is that to low, too high or just about right?
What would you charge per mobile home?”

One lawn care business owner shared “I currently mow a mobile home park with 14 trailer about 107K SQFT. It takes me 4 hours to trim and mow. I charge $20 per trailer.”

A second business owner said “that could easily take 2 full days to complete with all that trimming. So if you figure it takes, oh lets say 20 hrs to complete and if you base it on $60/hr, that would be $1,200.00. That would be my lowest price doing it solo.”

A third lawn care business owner said “I currently mow 15 mobile homes in a park I live in. I charge $20 for each one. None of them take me more then 15 min to do by myself. I did it at that price to get more customers and referrals and it has worked for me. I still make a profit off of each one but it is very small profit. However, the referrals I get from the job make it worth it.”

A final view on it was “$15 -$20 seems reasonable. If the trailer park owner  wants to know how much for each, go and make a list of the ones that are smaller and have less trimming. Price those at $15 and the bigger ones or with more trimming, price at $20. It’s hard to imagine them taking more than about 20 minutes to mow.

You are looking at $1050 - $1600

Approximately 18 to 28 hours worth of work… 2 to 3 days depending on how fast and how long you work.”

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