The proper way to follow up, after giving a estimate.

There are many ways to give a customer an estimate for lawn service. Some lawn care business owners don’t want to be bothered with going out to visit a site before they bid, so in their minds they think giving a quote over the phone or through email is a real simple way to do it. This is never a good idea for many reasons we will go into.

What’s the best way to follow up with a customer after giving them a lawn care estimate? It all starts with how do you present the estimate.

The proper way to follow up, after giving a estimate.

The proper way to follow up, after giving a estimate.

This is a discussion we had on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when a member asked “I don’t want to come off as being rude by emailing the customer to see whether they are happy with my bid or decided to go in another direction.

The problem comes up more with my website than with people I see face to face. I recently added a best way to contact you section on my website estimate form, but I am not sure this is taking me in the right direction.

This is how it works and where I run into problems. A potential client uses the quote form on my website. If the client gives me enough information. I will email them back a quote, ask more questions about the job or set up a appointment. What ends up happening is I don’t hear from them. If they don’t respond by email I feel somewhat stalker-ish trying to call. How should I be handling this?”

One lawn care business owner said “once you get the quote notification you NEED to call them. Don’t just be a person on a computer, make it personal. Call them and discuss your questions. They want personal attention that is lacking these days. I have email alerts that come right to my phone and if possible I stop and call them right away. The customers love my quick responses. I get jobs because of this. I respond quickly when they are usually expecting to have to wait a few days to be contacted. Personal attention is what it is all about.”

Another member shared “as a general rule, I only give quotes in person.

With face-to-face meetings you are able to explain to the customers the reasons behind your quotes. Also, face-to-face meetings give you the advantage of being able to read their body language.

If they don’t flinch when accepting your prices, you may surmise your prices are too low and you can experiment raising your prices with subsequent customers. If they refuse your price, you can ask them why they think it’s too high then take them around their yard to explain why your prices are fair.

Take a more personal approach. I think you will find much better results face-to-face than by giving quotes over email. This change in tactic should immediately help your ratio of bid acceptances vs. declines.”

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