The pitfalls to mowing a family members lawn.

When you own a lawn care business, you are able to provide a service that many of your family and friends can utilize. With that said, it’s important to figure out how best to handle mowing such lawns if requests come up. Hearing the stories others have dealt with can help you in the crafting of your policy when it comes to mowing family’s lawn. Here is a great story with interesting variables from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “my stepfather has asked me to help him mow his lawn from time to time in the past, but I refused to use my equipment on that lawn due to the overgrowth and the abuse my equipment would take. He said I could use his equipment, but I also refuse to use a mower that destroys the grass and smokes like a freight train once you start it.

So he has finally decided to hire me to cut his lawn in the city regularly, that’s great. The only problem is that he cuts his own lawn with his equipment when he is bored and destroys the lawn.

The problem;

1. I have a Company Lawn Service sign on the property and his work really let’s people know NOT to hire my service.

2. I had just cut it on Monday, and sometime during the week, he decided to mow the lawn again which really messed it up!

With that said, I’m going to drop him as a client.

I stopped by, randomly with my equipment and surely enough, I HAD TO USE IT! The grass was clumped all over. There was grass all over the driveway and street. What a f’ing mess! All from him mowing the lawn with his crappy push mower. Last time he asked me to re-mow the lawn just to make it look clean, this time I’m not touching it. My sign is coming off and he’s finished.

Any suggestions? This is embarrassing, that people KNOW I cut the lawn and every time I mow it, I get asked questions and receive compliments. But when he mows it, it’s the opposite, people think I have now idea what I’m doing.

His neighbor came out last time and asked, ‘What happened?’ I told him, ‘my stepfather decided to mow it, he decided having a nice lawn is overrated.’ This situation is so frustrating. I don’t know why he can’t just leave the lawn alone.”

A second lawn care business owner said “here is a thought. If you want to have a sign in front of his house, I would just maintain the property for free. That way it will look good. You will have a foot hold to reach out to neighbors and you are doing a kind service for your step-dad. Then he won’t be messing up the yard anymore.

If you are running into problems with him wanting to re-mow the property when you are not around, why not take the equipment from him and tell him you are going to repair it so that it doesn’t cut so badly. Then just hold onto it for a while. Give it back to him after you are done mowing his lawn for good.”

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