The importance of vinyl signs on your landscape trailer.

Are you using your lawn care truck or landscaping trailer to attract attention? Sure your vehicle and trailer need to be functional first but it’s quite amazing how this simple step can really change the image of your lawn care business and bring you more customers. Getting vinyl signs and lettering on your truck and trailer creates the feel of your business being solid, dependable and here for the long haul.

One of our friends on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us his experience of going through the process of getting his vehicle lettered and what that has done to improve his business.

Landscape trailer vinyl signs

Landscape trailer vinyl signs

He wrote “I finally have one of my landscape trailers done with vinyl lettering. I did all the wording. A local sign company did suggest a few words be removed and I agreed, they also chose the colors. It’s difficult to see in the image however the green has a white border/shadow, when the sun hits it, it’s really cool. The owner of the sign shop and is also a client of mine. She does real nice work. She changed what I wanted to do to the truck saying I should keep it simple, not too many words, just get the prospects attention.

Landscape trailer sign vinyl lettering

Landscape trailer sign vinyl lettering

At first I had listed too many things services we offer. Snow removal, aeration, driveway grading, trenching etc. She said, people are either going to call or more than likely go to your website, list your services there. All you want to do it catch the prospects attention and go from there.”

How important do you feel it is to have signs on your truck and trailer and have everything looking top-notch versus simply being functional?

“This really depends on the target client one is going after based on the feedback I have received. Our company is after the upper middle class, high class customer, granted we will do work for just about anyone.

Lawn care trailer vinyl sign graphics

Lawn care trailer vinyl sign graphics

In a round about way I asked maybe 15 clients about vehicles, do you judge the potential service provider by what they drive, what they wear, tools they use etc. The feedback was as I suspected, the vehicle and dress reflect to them how well the company is doing, they said a company that has a good looking setup to them will do good work and that is the company they will hire.

I suspect to some degree it’s an ego thing, they do not want a rough looking service vehicle/trailer etc parked in front of their home doing work on their property.

Personally I know this thought is not correct, I have taken many things to hole in the wall operations for repair as it was the best repair going, an old fellow years ago used to tune up my mower and chain saw every spring, it was a very sad looking operation, he was about 70 at the time and had been doing this all his life, his work was unmatched. There is a welding operation about 10 min from my house, same deal, the place is a disaster however their prices are great and their work excellent.

It’s a tough call as one has to get their name out there and vehicle/trailer lettering is critical. I also hear very often from doing estimates ‘You must be a real company as you do not have magnetic signs.’ Actually I do at home for when I first started however I had never thought people would be critical of them. There are so many fly by night service lawn care service guys out there, people seem to be very careful.”

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