Snow plowing business basics.

As Summer turns to Fall and Fall turns to Winter I am seeing a lot more questions on how to get your snow plowing business started. How do you get customers? What’s better, residential or commercial snow plowing? This is a topic that was brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and I wanted this information got pointed out.

What’s the best way to get snow plowing customers?

Snow plowing business basics

Snow plowing business basics

A snow plowing business owner wrote “sending letter to managers of commercial facilities will work how ever the return is small, from what we have found. If you want to pick up some commercial accounts snow plow accounts, first you’re going to want to target your lawn accounts… Next start cold calling / knocking… Start calling mangers and stopping in and talking to them.

Ask them if they’re happy and if they’re taking bids this year.

Keep in mind:

1. Always try to set up a meeting with them… Talk to them find out what they want.

2. Put together a bid packet.

3. Drop a bid packet back off to them.

* The above should be all done within a 48hour time frame.

4. Send them a Thank you Card, (We send them the same day we meet/drop our bid off)

5. Do a check up call if you don’t hear anything within 7 days.
( we do 7 days then 7days then Before it snows)

6. Sit back and wait for the phone to ring.”

Another lawn care business owner followed up with this question “this subject has been haunting me for awhile now. Not only is snow removal a good income earner but, as far residential snow removal goes is it worth it?

For a one person operation you have 20 accounts. That’s, 20 hours by yourself as well as drive time in the snow. Plus fuel and we all know you use more fuel in the winter months. Everybody who has been laid off, unemployed does snow removal. Whats the rates for residential? I live in a cold state. North Dakota and it snows almost daily. Blizzards and drifts and below zero atmospheres that make you wonder what you are doing here. -40 to -60 .

I live here in these apartments and this company is in front of the building I live in and he never did the snow removal here. I know the guy who did. He is offering $100 a month snow removal. So let’s go back to what I said you have 20 accounts at $100 a month. That’s what, 2 grand a month. If it snows more then 3 times a week your sucking air… and you are losing $$$. If it doesn’t snow and you have 20 people and they are paying you $100 a month they’re going to want to be compensated and it does happen. A contract is merely a written statement. Are you really going to take someone to small claims court because they didn’t want to pay $100?. I don’t know, what to think that’s where I am at with it. Is this lowballer making money?”

Another responded “a snow plowing company up here in my neck of the wood only does drive ways.

When you do all the math they were only charging like $11 ish a push… But they were charging a seasonal push and their service area was only 10 miles from there shop…. So they had a real tight route.

They made around $400K a year on plowing drive ways and when you broke that down by the hours they were doing around $100 per hour per truck which is going rate for this area…

So by the hour he was doing good, but if you look at him by the push $11 a drive is pretty damn low.

So what am I saying? Most jump that they lowball cause the $11…. but in my book you have to look at your hourly rate more than anything.”

Great topics to consider as you plot out your winter snow plowing strategy.

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