Snow plow marketing tips & tricks.

Are you looking to promote your snow plowing services for the winter? Maybe you are considering a bunch of different marketing options but are unsure which option to go with? Here are some snow plow marketing methods that were discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. I hope they will help inspire you in the creation of your own snow plow marketing plan.

One snow plow business owner wrote “I am looking for some graphic design ideas to use for my snow plow marketing that I will either hang on door handles or stick in newspaper boxes. I’m not completely sold on any particular type marketing method, hangers vs. flyer, right now. I am just trying to figure out what would work best for my needs.

I’m thinking I also need help with knowing how many I need to print. I will tell you this, I will not miss any opportunity to pass these out this year. These will be in the hands of every home owner I come across. I want to use every free moment I have passing them out. I am looking to double my accounts in the spring and by fall have 3 times what I ended with this year. I am hoping the new snow plow customers I get will turn into lawn care customers and help me achieve my goals.”

One lawn care business owner suggested “If money is tight you should consider postcards instead of door hangers. You can create snow plow post cards that are not designed to be mailed but instead, handed out. You can use them the same way you would door hangers. In essence they are really nice mini flyers. 4×6 postcards are half the price of 4.25×11 door hangers, (e.g. 5000 cards can cost you $215 while door hangers are $425).

Pounding the pavement and banging on doors has always been my best form of getting the word out. When you go door to door, you want to hand the potential customer something to look at. Business cards are ok but postcards are even better. You want to get your marketing out before the first snow fall. Once the snow starts flying you may find it tougher to get customers. Many customers who were planning on having someone plow for them will usually already have contracted out that service by then. From my experience, any stragglers looking for a plow service after the season has started are usually deadbeat or disagreeable and were fired from their last plow guy. They usually act desperate and you have to be suspicious of that.”

Another snow plowing business owner said “what I do, is design a postcard that can be used both ways, to mail and hand-out. I generally prefer mail, but for example, during the lawn aeration season, I always take some cards with me and target the neighbors of the customer i’m servicing. As far as where to put them, it really doesn’t matter. I like to slide them in the garage door weather strip, I feel most people enter their homes through there, not their front door. I also prefer postcards cause they double as a mini-flyer or oversized biz card. You can keep them in the truck to hand out to potential customers. If you hand out a door hanger to someone in person, it looks like what it is, a door hanger with a hole in it. The postcards can be designed to be more versatile.

The bottom line with advertising is volume, the more you get out the better return you’ll get.”

A third business owner shared “I use the same idea and generate lots of business just by myself.

I have 20 customers that receive ‘minute man service.’ About 1/2 are monthly and the other are ‘as needed.’ Each customer will have a 18x 24 yard sign placed on there lawn promoting my snow plowing services. Later I will go back and get them after a few days to prevent them from becoming an eye sore to the homeowner.

I plan on working a 12 hr day when the snow hits and hope to generate at least 10 more customers through my marketing efforts.

A very important lesson I learned is that you have to market all year long! Some of my new snow plow accounts never knew we existed until we began mailing out our latest snow plow postcards. Don’t forget to market your snow plowing services to your lawn care customers and market your lawn care service to your snow plow customers. The more customers you line up for winter work will give you more opportunity for spring work, fert, weed control, maintenance, etc.”

Here are some example of snow plow post cards and using your snow plow to attract new customers.

Snow plow marketing

Snow plow marketing

snow plow postcard 1

snow plow postcard 1

snow plow postcard 2

snow plow postcard 2

snow plow postcard 3

snow plow postcard 3

snow plow postcard 4

snow plow postcard 4

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