Snow plow contract sample.

Are you just getting started offering snow plowing services this year but you are unsure of how to go about it? This situation was discussed on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum when a new member wrote “I’m going to be plowing this winter for the first time with my own truck. I don’t know how much money to charge, as per size of lots and streets-paved/unpaved . People around here like to have a flat push rate, at 2inch. I don’t want to over/under my time. Please help! I need to be offering free estimates, with a firm logical price.”

Snow plow contract

Snow plow contract

A member suggested “I only have 4 plowing accounts and they are all estate sized homes (they are my lawn care customers). Average drive way is 15′ wide by 150′ long. My starting rate for that size is $40.00. If I were you I would call some contractors in your area for a ball park estimate over the phone. That is the only true way to gauge what the going price is in your area.

This price includes side walk clearing from the drive to the front door. I have a Toro paddle type snow blower in the back of the truck. They work awesome. That job will take about 20-25 minutes total depending on how much snow. If they request rear walk and patio clearing it will cost them another $15.”

Another member shared “assuming you have plowed in the past as you mention you’re plowing with your own truck, you should have an idea how long it will take you to clear a lot or driveway. Find out what the going rate for plowing is in your area.

For example: if going rate is $60 an hour & you think a lot will take 30 minutes for an empty lot, the base charge is $30. With people wanting to save money these days, I always break my pricing down. XX amount for plowing, XX amount for sidewalks, XX amount for ice melt. My customers like this. Some will want me to just plow & have their employee’s clear walks & de-ice. Others want me to do it all. I have found it gives them the idea they can get it done & still save a little money by doing this or that on their own. Some businesses only want you to plow Monday thru Friday. With a heavy snowfall, weekend maintenance is a must. Be sure to include this clause in your bid.”

Here is a sample snow plowing contract you can download from the form discussion. You should also experiment with the online snow plow estimation calculator to see how your overhead costs will effect what you should be bidding per hour when you snow plow.

Sample snow plow contract

Sample snow plow contract

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