Should you hand out lawn care business cards on an employers time?

There are a lot of business etiquette lessons we just may not know about until we are exposed to them. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Many a new landscape business owner got their start by working for another mowing company. When you are working for someone else, you may see a lot of waste and find them turning away customers. But can you approach those customers that are not wanted by your employer and sign them up to your company? That is what one entrepreneur wanted to know more about.

One lawn care business owner wrote “my fiance and I just started our own lawn care and landscaping business. We’re very excited! We just got our basic equipment yesterday. We are expecting our business cards and other advertising to come in the mail soon. Yes, I know that should have been the first thing we got! Like I said, we’re NEW to this! I am going to run the business behind the scenes and my fiance will do the rest. We are looking for any suggestions from experienced people on the running of the business, getting customers etc.

My future husband actually works for a lawn care business right now and he’s asking me if he can hand out his cards since his employer turns away so many potential lawn care customers. I’m kind of wary about doing that though. His employer would never sue, but, I just don’t know. Anyhow, we’re going to start out with him mowing lawns in the evening and weekends and then go from there.”

A second landscape business owner said “his current employer may not sue, but he probably would fire him. Depending on how bad he needs his job and how close they are, he might want to come right out in the open with it. The employer  may send the work he doesn’t want his way. Or he may tell him to take a hike. Either way he’ll find out. And no employer deep down can be mad for an employee following a dream.”

A third shared “I don’t recommend him handing out business cards while he is on THEIR clock. They may not sue him but, as was stated, he may become unemployed before he was expecting and you will be out of his income.

I started my business while I was managing a pizza shop (still work their on occasion actually) and my boss still didn’t like me haggling with potential customers while I was on the clock *shrug.* It’s not like I was stealing his business in anyway, it just wasn’t professional and I can see his point now.

Your fiance could keep a note pad with him and write down the addresses of the clients that are turned away and later go back to them after he is off the clock. Introduce himself and explain the situation. How he can work in the evenings or weekends etc.

Advertising and business start up advice. Starting up a lawn business is the TOUGHEST part. Finding new clients, KEEPING new clients. People DON’T LIKE CHANGE in this industry. People in general DON’T LIKE CHANGE. You will find out that with the minimal amount of lawns you start with, you will have drive by’s stopping to ask ‘Hey, can you come cut mine?’ ‘how much for a cut?’ Usually that is a great shot at cutting more grass! Or YOU drive by properties and drop a card or something on their door to let them know, you will improve their lawn.

I’d also suggest you advertise as an independent business owner. Don’t try to make yourself look like a big honcho landscaping business. You, as an independent, can do things the big guys can’t, like LISTEN TO THE CUSTOMER AND THEIR NEEDS. I am a big customer service fanatic. If a customer drops you, you need to follow up and find out why. Talk to them, fix your mistakes an you’ll be back in their yard the next week.”

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