Should I start my own lawn care business?

Taking that step from employee to entrepreneur can be quite frightening, especially when your current boss lives right next door to you. The idea of opening a competing mowing company can seem like open warfare. That is the situation one entrepreneur, from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, finds himself in as he contemplates his next more. What would you do in his situation?

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’ve been working for a company that does lawn maintenance and snow removal for a while now. I realized the benefit of doing everything I’ve been doing for myself is pretty decent. I need help though from whoever is willing.

I started my own snow removal service on the side and so far have gotten 11 consistent customers. It’s been hell, but I don’t have work too often in the winter time, so it evens out. My customers love my work, I get the jobs other companies leave behind, etc.

Anyway, I haven’t touched my income from the company I’m working for. I saved enough to get started on my own lawn service. I’ve been living off the money I’ve made on the side. I get my last paycheck from the company I’m with currently, on the 27th of March.

My problem, well one of them is my current boss, is my next door neighbor. Now, he loves my work, my attitude and has given me power in the company. It’s just that I don’t make enough money. I told him I won’t be staying to mow much longer, but he says my spot will be reserved until the end of March.

Now hear me out. I have busted my butt making flyers which offer a referring gift. I have been working on them for 4 and a half months perfecting them. I have used google earth to plan my flyer delivery run in the entire city I want to work in. I have zoomed in enough to write down EVERY street, and spent HOURS making the perfect 3 day route to deliver 7,000 flyers. I am really getting geared up and excited about doing this.


The company I work for I make $12,399.84/year (disgusting, even as a crew leader)
Starting my own company ???

I’m sure you have all been in my place at sometime and can understand.

I’m in the city of competition. My neighbor owns a powerful company which I work for, and around the block is an extremely well known powerful company which will apparently blow me up if I advertise in the same city.

I’m going to park my trailer at my girlfriend’s father’s house, who lives pretty close, but far enough to sneak around without breaking the ice that I totally went rogue against the company I work for. It’s heartbreaking, love the guys, wish they paid more.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I think you should just go for it. Competition is healthy, it keeps everyone doing their very best. Don’t worry about the other guys and park in your own driveway. There is lots of room for more companies. If your boss wants you, give him the salary requirements that you would be happy making. If he does not match it, walk. He makes a lot off your hard work, it’ll cost him more in training a new person, trusting a new person etc.”

A third added “don’t be afraid to give your competition a run for their customers. They may try to bad mouth you at first, but trust me, a LOT of people are more comfortable hiring the small guy down the street than the big company that just sees their customers as a number. You’ll do fine.”

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