Should I advertise FREE MOWING on my truck?

I have seen a lot of lawn care marketing ideas being shared on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, but I don’t think I have ever seen anyone try to advertise Free Mowing on the side of a lawn care truck. However, that is exactly what one new business owner was thinking of doing.

He wrote “I plan on getting magnetic advertisements made up to put on the side of my lawn care truck and trailer and on the back of the trailer as well. I was thinking of putting something catchy on it like, ‘Call for your free mow today’ or something like that to get potential customers’ attention. Then I would have my phone number listed below that along with a few other services listed.

Has anyone tried this, and how was the reaction? Do you feel it helps to have your phone number available as advertising on your trailer and truck? And has anyone made up the magnetic signs for trailers and trucks? If so, are they worthwhile since they are cheaper to use than vinyl lettering?

I am checking out vinyl lettering for the trailer, but I would prefer not to use it on my truck, but we’ll see how successful things are.

As far as my call for your free mow idea, I was thinking that would catch the eye of a lot of people and I was thinking of offering a free mow, it would help me better accurately quote their lawn and show them my expertise before they signed up for their year of mowing. This could be a bad idea I suppose if people were using me for a free mow with the intention of never signing on anyways. But I also thought it could be a good idea to get new clients and show them my commitment and work ethic. I am still not sure if this is a good or bad marketing idea.”

One lawn care business owner suggested “experimenting with your lawn care marketing is a good idea. Most of the marketing ideas I use I have picked up over the years. I tend to look at services I use and ask myself how I found them. I also look for a lot of customer feedback to try and get a feel for what they like or dislike.

One thing I learned is that having your business name and number on your vehicles, including trailers, is critical along with the services you offer. We picked up a pile of business last year from this alone and even had people call us following us on the highway. We get calls from people that see our vehicle(s) at local coffee shops or at lunch. People walking by a job site will also see our vehicles and take a business card from the side of the truck where we have a holder.

When it comes to magnetic signs, I can only offer feedback clients give me. Our target market is middle to upper class. While I did have magnetic signs as I started the first couple of weeks with them, the feedback or comments were not good. For whatever reason, some prospects see magnetic signs as an indicator or a fly by night company. Not all will feel this way, but after hearing this a few times from prospects, I went with vinyl lettering and have never looked back.

We do not offer any free mowings or core services for free. Yes my staff will do something for free for the customer if it’s an easy quick thing to do. But I think you are asking for trouble advertising free mowings on your equipment. That type of advertising should be used, if at all, on flyers or coupons. You shouldn’t have this as something to remember your company by. If customers are only calling you because of a free mow, they are NOT the customers you want!

Remember your equipment and what’s on it, is going to give your potential customers their first impression. We all know how important first impressions are.

Free tends to cheapen the value of what you offer. Instead of free, try stressing quality.”

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