Sell more landscape services by staying put.

Why travel around so much when you can sell more staying put at the same location. You may not think you are missing out on potential upsells until you read this. One of our Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum members shared with us his view on staying put and making more on upsells. He wrote “I wanted to say it is 100% clear to me that we need to stay on job sites as long as possible and I have two very recent examples.

A customer contacted me and wanted some brush cleared and a small driveway put in for his camper. I met with the client, it was a simple $1,200 job.

Sell more landscape services

Sell more landscape services

We talk and walk around. As I look up I notice four large trees in the back leaning, I think to myself there is another $800, so I ask, do those trees concern you that are about to fall and hopefully not on someone? He said yes, he tried to cut them but then called a company and they wanted $1,500. He thought it was too much and declined. I said we would do it for $800 as our gear can go right into the area and chip the branches on the spot savings probably two days of time. Needless to say we got the job.

So as I am grading the small driveway, a neighbor comes over and asks how much to regrade my driveway? I say $200.00 to grade and roll. Long story short we picked up 8 jobs all on this street. The beauty of it all is that I don’t have to move the gear at all.

At another location, we picked up 5 more excavation jobs, another starting today. When it’s all said and done it is almost $100,000 in work and we will never get it done this year.

The private gated community I do a lot of work at, is another example. People in these communities talk and we now provide total property care for four of these communities off the same street and another 9 from people right on the main road that are not from a community.

There is far more profit staying put. Transportation had always been an big expense issue for me but not anymore. There is enough work in this area to keep a good sized crew busy 6 days a week. I made arrangements with a homeowner to keep gear in his garage as he doesn’t use it, in turn I will offer him free spraying, my cost is next to nothing and the security there is top drawer.

Point being, people see you once or twice at a site they just notice you, when they see you there for a period of time they take notice and wonder what is going on, it pays and pays well. Try to get jobs where you can really shine at what you do and stay there as long as the client has projects and money.”

This made me think and ask “We have seen many different business viewpoints on here in the past. Some feel comfortable with point out issues on a property and offering to resolve them while others feel they don’t want to be pushy and try to upsell any additional services. Some feel it is better to just do the job you have been asked to do, do it and leave.

Do you feel this is something you had gone through in the past? Is there a process here of growing where at first you are not comfortable pointing out issues, but as you get more comfortable and confident in what you do, it comes easier?

What advice do you have for the business owners who sit there and read this thinking it’s too pushy to be suggesting these upsells?”

He responded “here are a few ways to look at this. I do not hard ball sell. I can’t stand anyone doing it to me and I won’t do it to others.

I would bet 99% of the time the homeowner doesn’t even realize we offer the service for something other than why they called me. I hear this all the time, Oh you do that??? I bid and almost always get it. To me, I am offering a solution to a problem, not trying to sell and get my hands deeper in the project.

My sales approach is very….hard to explain. It’s almost buddy like. I befriend the homeowner quick which makes them comfortable, suggest we do things in stages. Most times they want it all, some agree do this then in xx weeks come back and do this next part, works every time for me.

My opinion, if you are in this business to make money, then do it. Look outside the box of simply mowing and trimming, there is a pile of cash to be made and a lot of people will be happy including you. If a person is afraid to sell or approach a customer with an additional offering and they want to make money, take a course to get you there.

I have never been afraid to upsell, why would we be? All the homeowner can do is say thanks but no thanks. Educate them on what it is you can do if they say no, good lord it’s not the end of the world. Even if they say maybe later as cash is tight, fine, at least they know and they will not forget, raise you bar a little higher and make the jump, you can do it.”

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