Second year in the lawn care business.

How often do you have a few thousand dollars laying around that you just don’t know what to do with it? When you do, does your mind start spinning thinking about all the lawn care equipment you could buy? Or do you take the extra cash and stick it in the bank where you leave it in case of an emergency? That is the situation this send year business owner finds himself in when he asks the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum for help.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this is my second year coming up in business and I’ve enjoyed working for myself. I used to work for a couple other landscaping company for 4+ years. One company doing masonry and the other one doing gardening and general landscaping.

The first year I bought the following equipment.

  • 2006 F350 regular cab
  • 48″ scag freedom z w/ trailer
  • stihl chainsaws
  • stihl blower
  • husq weed eater etc.

The truck and mower I have loans out on but the trailer and small equipment I payed outright.

It was an alright year last year and I was able to save up $11,000 but with winter work being slow and bills needing to be payed I now have around $8,500. By the time work starts this spring I may have around $7,000.

Second year in the lawn care business.

Second year in the lawn care business.

Anyway here’s my question. If I do have $7,000 to start up my business again this spring, I will probably spend around $1,000 or $1,500 for advertising, extra needed tools, insurances etc. so that leaves me with $6,000. I’m re-doing my business cards, stamps for bills, making brochures, postcards.

So I’m thinking about buying a dump bed insert for my f350. It would really help with fall and spring cleanups, tree work and of course mulching etc. So if you had $6,000 to $7,000 in the bank would you buy a dump insert? It’s only my second year in business but I’m getting old to have to do everything manually. Anyone have any experience with the dump inserts?”

A second lawn care business owner said “why do you feel you need to spend it all on new equipment? If you have outstanding loans on your truck and mower, how about paying them off first and become debt free. If you can’t get debt free with that money, at least use it to knock your debt down. Then start saving cash.

It seems more often than not, we all suffer from ‘money burning a hole in our pocket syndrome.’ As soon as we have a couple of bucks, we feel we need to be buying something else, or upgrading something.

If you have to get something because a machine broke down and is unfixable, that is one thing. But if you are just looking to upgrade because you have cash, hold off. I’d say start saving and get 6 months to a year’s worth of income saved in the bank for emergencies. Sure it may take you some time to do it but once it is there, it will improve your chances of success over the long haul. You won’t feel like you are trying to constantly catch up on your bills. You also won’t be panicky about winter or having to take some days off because you are sick.

Then when you have some money saved and you want to upgrade, do it, but only do it where needed. Otherwise you will end up with a garage full of high cost equipment that is rarely if ever used.

So I’d say no on the dump insert. Buy a shovel instead and get into the habit of saving.”

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