Sample spring lawn care customer letter.

What will you be doing as spring nears to get back in touch with your lawn care customer base? Will you call them? Email them? Simply show up once the lawn starts to grow? Well you might want to consider sending out a spring lawn care customer letter and see if it can generate you some new work. That is what a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum did and he got a lot of projects signed up. He hasn’t even started his mowing season yet!

One lawn care business owner wrote “spring is coming quickly and I am gearing up all my marketing plans. I received my new business cards today with my new logo. I went out and bought a logo design program a couple weeks ago and it didn’t take long for me to design one that I thought fit. I’m also working on a brochure that is 90% complete.

There is a Home and Garden show is my town this weekend. I plan on going there to pass out as many business cards or brochures as possible. I’m just really trying to stand out. I was going to get a booth at the show but it costs $1,500 for a 10′x10′ slot for 3 days and that is just a little too much for me. So instead I will walk around the aisles, wear a company shirt, and pass out marketing material.

I will spend the weekend parked in front at the show with my magnets on the side of my truck and I will have business cards and flyers in the car to give to anyone who wants one as they walk by. I will have walk around inside one day to just gather literature from other lawn care providers so I can get a feel for what other companies are doing.

I am also going to be sending out a spring lawn care customer letter. It will be sent sent to all 87 of my customers from last year. Included in the envelope will be a business card magnet and 5 business cards for referrals.

Sample Lawn Care Customer Letter

Sample Lawn Care Customer Letter

The purpose of the letter is to inform them of what’s new and what to expect in the future from my company. I also have a section in there asking for referrals as well.

Sample spring lawn care customer letter.

Dear Customer,

I hope this letter finds you doing well and that you have had a safe and enjoyable winter. I have enjoyed all the snow, but I’m looking forward to the change in the season. With spring quickly approaching, I wanted to contact you and let you know of my plans for this year. My expected start date for mowing, weather permitting, is going to be April 1st.

I would also like to inform you about a few additional services I am going to be starting this new season. Spring clean-up and mulch installation are at the top of the list for the spring season. If you’re in need of bed edging, spring is the time to take care of it. 1st fertilization with crabgrass pre-emergent can also be applied. These are just a few services I can get started for you this season. Included with this letter, I’ve attached a list of additional services I can take care of for you.

A lot has changed recently, from giving my company a new logo and launching my website. I’ve also put up a facebook fan page to show some of my work and to stay in touch with my customers. I would like to stay in touch with my customers any way possible. If you are unable to follow my fan page on facebook, I would like an email address where I can send you new updates, special offers, and upcoming service recommendations. Email me and I can send you a quote for the new season.

I’m also participating in Project EverGreen by providing services to men and women who have family members serving overseas. This allows me to show my appreciation to those serving in our armed forces.

I ask that you refer my company to as many friends and neighbors as possible. Not only does this help me gain more work in your area, but you will also receive incentives for every new customer that signs on because of your referral. Including Apple Bees, Olive Garden, Family Video, and Home Depot gift cards, or you can apply it for a discount on services.

I want to thank you for choosing me and giving me the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me anytime. I look forward to serving you and having a great season!


Joe Smith
Joe’s Lawn Care

Update: I didn’t think my spring lawn care customer letter was going to do much, but I was wrong. As soon as we started getting nice weather here, things just took off. So far out of the 87 letters I sent out, I’ve got jobs lined up for 37 of them. The crazy thing is that the majority of the work doesn’t involve mowing. Trust me I love doing big jobs because that’s where the big money is at, but I didn’t expect this. Jobs include: Clean-ups; Sodding; Retaining walls (9 of them); Power washing and others. The more work that I took on though, the further I had to push jobs off and the customers still want me to do the work.

Yesterday I bid on a retaining wall and I told him that I’m booked for a month, but I’d get to it as soon as I could and he was ok with it. I’m a little overwhelmed at the moment. Just thinking of all the work I have to do seems like a ton. Since I started last June I wanted a ton of customers right from the get go, but now that I have all these jobs to do….I guess I can’t complain.”

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