Review my newspaper lawn care marketing advertisiment.

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was looking to attract new customers and wanted to place an ad in the local newspaper but before he did, he wanted to get some feedback if the ad wording was good or not.

He wrote “I would like to run an advertisement in my local newspaper and make it so people phone to book now, which is the best time.

Something like:

Are you looking to get your yard maintenance taken care off this year? Well if you are, please give Joe’s Property Maintenance a call to book now before your spot is taken.
Contact Joe at ###-###-####

Dose this ad make me sound pushy or desperate? Do you think people may not call because they will be thinking all the spots WILL be taken?”

One lawn care business owner said “I prefer a softer approach in my lawn care marketing. The few times that I have responded to a limited time offer it has not turned out well. Last year comes to mind, there was an advertisement for paving and a limited time offer. I called and had the fellow out, received a quote, said I would like to check a few references. He responded by saying he was almost booked solid and that came out as a red flag to me.

Because of his pushiness, I passed on having his company perform the job. I did check him out though. I forget how many complaints were filed with the better business bureau, but there were quite a few. I have also had many others similar experiences with a water softener company and paint company. I dunno, just seems like an act of desperation.

People know there are many companies offering lawn care services. If we sound desperate then we probably are and that leads to questions.”

Another said “The ad will get your name out. If someone is looking for a lawn care company at that time, they will call you. You can word your ad like FREE SOIL TEST, call Joe at Joe’s Property Maintenance for all your lawn care maintenance needs. Prepay for this year’s lawn care and get X% off your bill.

Something like that. Experiment with your ads because you never know what will work.”

A third business owner said “creating some urgency is always a good idea and just because other bozos say stuff like ‘limited time offer’ doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. The problem with the other morons is that their service doesn’t measure up.

The real issue though is that you want to present prospects with a valuable offer, something like ‘Free Soil Test’, or a ‘Free Guide to Selecting the RIGHT Lawn Care Company by visiting your website’.

Instead of trying to sell them your services from a small ad, sell them on taking a smaller, less risky step in the sales process like requesting additional information from you, or visiting your website.

Do that and I guarantee you’ll at least double the number of responses you’d get.”

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