Rain and lawn care customers that owe you money.

Some of the biggest annoyances a lawn care business owner dreads is rainy days and late paying customers. So when you mix the two of them together, you get a day that is REALLY dreadful. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, there are ways to benefit and profit even on those most annoying days. The key to it is finding ways to be more productive and not throwing in the towel.

One lawn care business owner wrote “well another disaster of a week. I couldn’t go out Monday and there is rain forecast for Wednesday. It’s going to be one hell of a Tuesday for me.

On Monday I woke up, tried to get a hold of my helper on the phone but couldn’t, so I said to myself I’m going to go it alone today. I left him sleeping, knowing he’s not that useful. I looked outside my window and didn’t really notice that it had rained. It looked dark, which I thought was a good thing considering it’s not the dreadful sun. I had my coffee, my shower, put on some clean clothes, and tied my boots on. I grabbed my wallet and phone and went outside.


I hate rain now, it’s so inconvenient. Sure I could have enjoyed the time off, but knowing the workload is piling up just annoys me.

One customer I had scheduled for today had told me to cut his grass and my money would be in his mailbox. If it wasn’t, he said to ring the doorbell if he’s home bla bla. He called me later that day.

Customer: I noticed you didn’t mow my grass.

Me: I went to your house when you said you’d either be there in person to pay me, or the money would be in your mailbox. You weren’t there and the payment was not in your mailbox.

Customer: You can’t just continue mowing? Like you have to have payment right away or what? Is that how you work? I am good for it, you should trust me.

Me: I hear that a lot ‘trust me,’ and it’s nothing personal when I say I require money before I do any work. I just have been burned before and am playing it safe from now 0n.

I’m so fed up with these fools. I don’t walk into a grocery store, load up on food, and tell the clerks, ‘I’ll pay soon, you should trust me.’ Life doesn’t work that way. Why do people seriously expect it from us? What is it about our business that is so different from the rest when it comes to transactions/payments? You hire a service, pay for it, the work gets done.

IF ANYTHING our business should be the most well understood for being strict with payments, as every dollar is required to run our operations, we bust our asses! I am fed up with this crap. People are always trying to take us for a ride, they always want to cheat us out of business.”

A second business owner responded “as far as your customers and payment goes, some customers will understand they need to pay you within the agreed upon time frame or and some won’t. The customers that are willing to work with you, keep them. Those customers that want to play games, get rid of them. There is no point in wasting time chasing down late payers. There are too many other lawn care customers out there who won’t give you any troubles.

When it comes to rain, you need to look for work you can do on rain days. We, for instance, spray fertilizer when it’s raining as rain is ideal for best results. We also pressure wash, as you are going to get wet anyhow. I personally have offered excavation services the past few years and I can perform them on most rainy days as my excavator has a cab. If it’s light rain I can also chip wood.

Early on when I got my business started I realized I had to find something to do when I couldn’t mow grass that was still wet, as I don’t mow in the rain. So I played around with all these different services and found some good results. If you can’t offer any of those services, look around and see what equipment you can do maintenance on. What about getting your billing together? Send out some marketing material? Or even have some lawn care business books to read to make the most of your time. If you think about it, there is always something that can be done, you just need to review your to do list.”

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