Pre-season lawn care marketing door hanger review.

Trying to come up with the right lawn care marketing message, the right manner to communicate that marketing message, and the right time to send it out can be difficult. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we see one door hanger design a landscaper created to promote his message and how important WHO you market to really is.

One lawn care business owner wrote “it’s gonna be my first season starting the lawn business and yesterday I went to an older, well-established neighborhood to hand out about 350 lawn care flyers. I’ve attached a copy of them below. I was just wondering what the average response rate is on door-to-door flyers and how long I should wait for phone calls before I go to a different neighborhood and hand out another 350?”

lawn care door hanger

lawn care door hanger

A second lawn care business owner said “my experience has been 1-2% will respond to flyers. So basically, the more you put out there, the more people will respond. With 350, you might get 1 to 3 calls. What works best for me is printing my own business cards and putting them on business card magnets and sticking them to mailboxes. People love magnets! That way I can personalize the card to have that neighborhood name and special on it and just print the number of them that I need.

If you stick with the flyers, I’d start out with 1,000. You should get a few customers from them. Right now is the very best time, because the grass will be growing in a week or so.”

A third shared “my personal experience with the return on flyers has been about 3.5% to 4%. It took probably 2 weeks or so before the calls came in though. I put them out a little early. I don’t know if I would be putting magnets on the mailboxes because technically I think that is still against the law.”

A fourth said “I was not aware putting anything in a mailbox was illegal because I have over the years received advertisements for pizza places, blank envelopes with letters from my landlord that were hand delivered and countless other things. I have always used the mailbox to put flyers in so they are protected from the weather. I don’t see the harm in it. Last year I put flyers out and either stuck them inside the home’s storm door rolled between the door knob and the door frame or dropped it in a mailbox.

I haven’t put out any flyers this year yet, even though I have a stack here of over 1,000 flyers ready to be passed out. I am holding out a little because most right now would look at it and just toss it. I am trying to avoid that. My landlord will be passing out their letters warning of upcoming lawn inspections and I plan to distribute them then. Last year I only passed out 80 flyers of which I received, met with, and signed contracts for 25 clients. That is a 31.2% return! I know the average is 1-2% based on the number you pass out but a lot also has to do with WHO you market your services to.

I live in a rental community. Our landlord fines the tenants who don’t mow their lawns each week it needs it. If the lawn doesn’t need mowing but just needs trimming, they will still fine you for it. So I jumped on that and offered mowing services for 2/3’s less than their fine fee. Their fine is designed to discourage tenants from letting their yard becoming over by forcing you to pay a penalty on top of your rent, which is well over $1,000 to live here. So you tell me, would you rather pay a $60 fine or $20 - $30 per cut? If I can time my marketing just right after the landlord sends theirs out, I can get 9.99 out of 10 local residents who receive my flyers.

My dilemma this year is, I have a total of 325 rental properties I am marketing to and I will only be able to successfully service 100 of them max. With most of those who call, I explain to them what the landlord fines them for not cutting their yard versus the cost of a mower, trimmer, and a broom and the time to actually do the yard work versus hiring us so they can spend that extra money and time on other things like family time and such.”

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