Performing acts of kindness with your lawn care company.

How often have you found yourself in a situation where you could perform an act of kindness to your lawn care customer or to a local member of your community? Have you jumped on these opportunities to really shine or were you simply in too much of a rush to get on to your next lawn care customer? Well it seems from the discussion we have been having on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, jumping on these opportunities to help others is not only good for those you help but for you and your lawn care company as well. Let me share with you some insights other lawn care business owners have experienced.

One said “here are a few words of advice that have worked well for me.

Perform acts of kindness with your lawn care company

Perform acts of kindness with your lawn care company

1. Do not grow too fast
2. Find a niche and stick with it. Our’s has been to not grow very big, we emphasize that an owner is on the property every week.
3. GIVE AWAY STUFF. I tell my guys that EVERY week we will do someone’s yard for free, weather it is an old lady that is struggling, or someone that just seems too busy. This always comes back to pay off.”

How do you go about finding who’s yard to do for free? Also do you promote this? How do you suggest letting everyone know you do such good deeds?

“We do NOT promote this in any way. We don’t even talk about it normally. Basically just being observant. If we see a little old lady sweating her butt off trying to mow her lawn in August, we just pull up and do it. We don’t even worry about telling people we did it. We just think it is the right thing to do. That ladies’ family will definitely know about it. Of course we give her a couple business cards before we go.

Another way, we try to get to know all our neighbors. What they do for a living. When we know these things, we can keep on eye on their lawns, if they get out of hand, we just take care of it. They normally know who it is.”

That is wonderful of you to do that! Very kind!

Have you ever gotten any feedback from anyone later on where this act of kindness on your part came up? Or where you got a job because of something nice you did?

“Honestly, we pick up a job from it, I would say about 40 % of the time. Another family member, friend, neighbor. Do nice things and people talk. I would much rather have them talk about something positive that we have done.”

Another lawn care business owner said “no doubt. I have also. Being honest and sincere will always pay off in the end. This is something we have also done in the past. I do not do it to promote anything or look to gain from it. I have done it because I have a kind heart.

One example is that I have an elderly lady that I mow for. Both her husband and her daughter were murdered, both years apart. So she lives alone. I have went up there, mowed her yard, sometimes on her birthday and sometimes on mothers day, and like always before, she’ll walk out there with her check book to pay me and I’ll tell her this one is on the house followed by happy mothers day or happy birthday. ‘She’ll say, I am going to whip you.’ I’ll say, ‘you have to catch me first, lol.’ This is something, without her telling me, that I know she appreciates, no doubt. She also on occasion puts an extra $5 or $10 in my check. I just save it up a few times and mow her yard again for free.

I have made true friends with all of my customers. We have a huge trust with each other. How many customers will walk out and give you a blank check and say, fill it out for what I owe you?? Or how many lawn care customers do you know that will give you a key to there house?? I have many!

I think it is great to give back to people, they will in turn give back to you!”

What great insight! It really gives you something to think about when you are looking to build goodwill within your community and grow your lawn care business.

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