NEW BOOK - Newbie Landscaper Pro Landscaper

Newbie Landscaper Pro Landscaper Book

Newbie Landscaper Pro Landscaper Book

Newbie Landscaper Pro Landscaper, my newest book. At over 450 pages, this is the greatest collection of question and answers I have researched from my Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. At times the responses to questions can be a little long winded but I have left them that way intentionally. I wanted the reading of this book to feel as if you had a father or uncle in the landscape business who would take the time to really get in depth and answer questions you had from the perspective of a person who has been in the lawn care and landscape industry for decades.

This book will help your lawn care business grow overtime as you can keep coming back to it and review issues you hadn’t faced previously but now are facing.

Here is just a taste of the topics covered. If you aren’t thinking about these questions now, you will be in the future.

* Getting started. (Business name, New business structure and insurance, Registering an LLC, Ideal customers and pricing jobs, Starting an eco-friendly lawn service, Should you work for someone first?, Fertilizer application license)

* Equipment (Benefits of a dump trailer, Using a quad for plowing, Buying lawn mowers, Will my truck work for snow plowing?, Cab over box trucks, Tires, Do you need a D.O.T. # on your truck?, Hydro versus belt driven lawn mowers?, What to do with an old landscape trailer, Is my enclosed landscape trailer getting too hot?, Diesel powered lawn mowers, Using edgers, Having a hard time getting off mower blades, Mower advice, Knowing the guts of a ZTR, Equipment prep check list, Lending friends equipment, Best mower for smaller properties?)

* Money Management (How will you make more money?, My plan to make $100,000 in my third year, Broke during the slow season, Bill collection, Are prepayments bad?, Avoiding debt and bi-weekly customers, Should you offer your customers financing?, Late fees?, Fuel charge increases, Sales tax issues, Building business credit, How long after billing do you wait for your money?, How much profit could I make?)

* Injuries And Preventing Them (Chainsaw safety and cutting down trees, Hernias, Should you wear your mower seat belt?, Dealing with allergies, Eye injuries, Should you wear shorts or pants?)

* Marketing (Having an online presence, Advertising online, Should I hint at my age in my flyer?, Using fertilizer flags for advertising, Focusing on your competitors customers, Should you use lead generating companies?, Postcard mailings, Taping business cards to doors, Getting vinyl lettering on your truck and trailer, Truck lettering, Paying a referral the first month’s mowing fee?, Stopping lowballers, Dirty tactics)

* Running The Business (Help with expanding, Offering full service, Should I use an answering service?, Licensing and all that stuff, What other services could I offer?, Name change and incorporating, What’s your status by the end of summer?, How do you operate your lawn care business?, Buying a lawn care business online?, Selling a lawn care business, The difference between big mowing companies and little ones)

* Estimating And Bidding (Where I get work, Big opportunity or is it?, Factory lawn mowing bid, I need help bidding 26 acre cemetery, Commercial insurance requirement, Charging for snow removal, Bidding snow removal at a shopping mall, First H.O.A. bid…….) and so much more…

Enjoy your reading, pace yourself, and side step the business pitfalls most newbies run head first into.

You can order this lawn care business book on amazon today

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