Need to get my lawn care flyers out now!

On that first nice spring day when the weather finally warms up, do you start to get the bug to want to go out and distribute some of your newly printed lawn care flyers? You aren’t alone if you do. Here is a discussion from some members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about their spring marketing plans. Also included is a sample lawn care flyer that is being used. It may inspire you to create your own design.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’m starting to get a little nervous because I haven’t handed out any lawn care flyers yet. I live in Nebraska, and today was our warmest day since the beginning of November. We got to the low 50’s today! That is a heat wave for us. But anyway, most of the snow has melted, so I’m hoping to get my flyers printed and start handing them out this weekend.

Those of you doing flyers, have you handed them out yet? When will the grass begin to grow in your area?”

A second business owner said “I am in the same situation here. Today was the first perfect day out so far with the temps in the mid 50’s. I’m printing all 2,500 of my flyers out tomorrow. That’s a lot because I live in a smaller sized town. I am going to go out Saturday, just me and my partner and hand every single one of them out. Then next weekend we are going to hand them out in the parking lot of the local Home Depot and Lowes. We’ll do it until we get told not to. There will be a lot of people from our local area there.

We were going to hire extra help to hand out our flyers but since we figured it’s a nice weekend, people will be out, we decided we’ll do it ourselves so we can answer any questions personally on the spot. We are also getting some brand spanking new company t-shirts tomorrow which I am very excited about and I am taking my truck in to have it measured for new vinyl signage and logos. I am going big this season. The grass here starts early-mid may, sometimes late April when its not raining like crazy.”

A third shared “I wouldn’t worry to much. The nice weather always gets us itching to get to work, however I don’t think the average homeowner cares that much about lawn work until it becomes an issue. In other words once the grass starts to grow and the flowers start to bloom, that is when they start to think, ‘boy I really don’t want to deal with that old lawn mower again this year’ and start looking for a service!

Be patient, sometimes the response from flyers can be weeks or months later. You may try to stress spring clean ups and mulch jobs if you offer those services until the lawns start to green up!”

Sample lawn care business flyer.

Lawn Care Business Flyer

Lawn Care Business Flyer

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