Need help with commercial hedge trimming estimate.

A local gas station contacted a landscaper about a bid on trimming his hedges. The commercial hedge trimming job would take quite a bit of time and the owner wanted some help on how to bid the job. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from the entrepreneur who is trying to figure out the amount of time such a job would take. Keep in mind, the amount of time is dependent on the tools being used and the efficiency of the operators.

One lawn care business owner asked “I need help estimating this commercial hedge trimming job. This back hedge is 10 feet tall and 200 feet long X 2 feet wide mostly cedar, also various other shrubs around property. I have a Shindaiwa Multi - Purpose tool and will be using the hedge trimmer attachment. I will also use either my 10′ or 16′ foot orchard ladder. It’s not a hard job really as the hedge is only 2 feet wide. It’s just long and time consuming. I am very good at using this tool though.

I got the feeling the owner is a typical gas station owner that always wants things for nothing. He said the last guy was getting $150 a month to maintain the grounds and extra for the trimming etc..

Any help would be appreciated.”

gas station hedge trimming job 1

gas station hedge trimming job 1

A second lawn care business owner responded “your bid price will depend on how low your cutting those hedges. If you are cutting them in half then it would be about an 8-12 hour job. If your trimming maybe a 1 ft or 2. Then it would take somewhere around 5-9 hours. You can do either one in a day with 2 guys. You’ll just have a large load of debris if your cutting them down to 3-4 ft.

The difference between commercial and residential hedge trimming jobs is with commercial it is all about the money. Sure they have deep pockets and are making money off the property but these are the types that will fire their landscaper who has been there 20 years to save money on a new hire. Almost everything goes out to bid so you’ll always have competition. This doesn’t mean if you don’t lower your price you’ll get less work, you just have to prove that your work is of higher quality and worth the extra.

gas station hedge trimming job 2

gas station hedge trimming job 2

To come up with a bid price multiply the amount of hours by your hourly rate and you will come up with your bid price.”

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