Mow a neighbor’s lawn and get a new account?

Have you ever been out mowing your customer’s property and looked over at the neighbors to see the lawn could use a cut too? Did you ever decide to cut their lawn? Well a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum told us a little story about what he has been up to and how he landed his latest account with this new marketing technique.

He wrote “It’s been a while, here’s an update! I invested in great new equipment this season. An new chainsaw, trimmer, hedge trimmer and blower.

Mow a neighbors lawn

Mow a neighbors lawn

I got an 8hp chipper/mulcher to reduce piles of sticks everywhere. A compressor and tools for removing mower blades. A bench grinder and a 2008 12′ x 6″ aluminum trailer!

See how successful I’ve become? OK, most of it was from a “business loan” from Grampa, but it sure looks like I’m successful! I just got a new account yesterday and did some tree work for her too. I still do 5 yards for realtors that have vacant homes they’re listing too.

This week’s focus: commercial accounts! My realtor buddy is working on some leads for me with properties he has connections with. I got a list of 130 apartment and condo association addresses and phone numbers I’ll be visiting / calling starting next week. It seems to me that it shouldn’t be much harder getting a commercial account than a residential right? Well, a little, but when you figure that one good commercial account could equal 100 residential accounts, its time well spent.

Another thing I’ve been doing is making it a point to talk to neighbors when I mow. Last week when I finished a yard, I mowed the neighbors too, and left a card. That new account I got yesterday? Yep, you guessed it, it’s from the free mow I did! Things are coming around, slowly but surely.”

That is fantastic! This could fall under the topic, barring risk there is no reward. If this works for one client, can you imagine if you promoted it to other neighbors of your customers? You could end up creating a very tight lawn care customer route. Good job in being so creative.

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