Make more money with party rental services.

Lawn care business owners are always looking for ways to make more money from their current customer base. Here are some simple upsell ideas you could offer without having to invest much in up front costs. You already service a customer’s property and that can help them prepare for Spring and Summer parties. What if you also offered party rental services.

Could you offer chair, table, and tent rentals? What if you offered screen house rentals for the Summer. You would set up screen houses at the beginning of the Summer and take them down at the end of the Summer. If you don’t want to rent screen houses, you could certainly let your customers know you would be willing to put their screen house up for the season. Another thing you could potentially rent are those inflatable pools!

What if you attached balloons to the mailboxes of customers who have children every once in a while after you service their property? This could help you promote to your customers that you either rent or sell helium tanks for birthday parties and events. It could open doors to other business ideas renting big bbq grills! Of course the grills would have your company name and contact information on them. Maybe even offer those big inflatable bounce houses kids love to jump in. They would be perfect for a child’s birthday party.

Think about all the local residents that would be attenting these parties. Many of them would be asking where all the party equipment was rented from! It would be a great opportunity for you build on your word of mouth marketing campaign.

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