Low cost enclosed lawn care trailer rack ideas.

How do you secure your lawn care equipment in your trailer when you are out and about driving around town and servicing your customers? Here are a great bunch of ideas on how to construct a top notch and cheap trailer rack system.

Andy wrote “Some time ago a member posted pictures of racks they had inside their enclosed trailer that were really nice, I can’t seem to find the thread. What I am looking for is a rack to hold mixing oil, WD40 etc and I recall the rack in the post would be perfect.

Enclosed lawn care trailer rack ideas.

Enclosed lawn care trailer rack ideas.

I am about to order a trimmer rack as the final thing I need, I would prefer one that locks easily. I am curious about tools, do you guys carry a tool box with each setup in the event that something brakes?”

Mike then posted some great photos I wanted to share with you here on how he has created his own lawn care trailer racks. Mike said ” I carry a tool box on my trailer all the time. The rack units I use are from Lowes and they are cheap. The chain saws are sitting in a water hoes rack with a small L bracket with the end bent up after it was in place.”

landscape trailer rack 1

landscape trailer rack 1

I got that from Lowes . I think the name was closet maid. It has parts to it. You buy the 2 up things then you can get as many shelves as you need. I think the price for what I have with the oil and every thing on it ran me around $25 and the rack that’s one piece was around $12 ( the one that has coffee can on top) and my back pack blower hook is only $2.

lawn care trailer rack 2

lawn care trailer rack 2

Andy: “Cheap, great looking and functional, just what I need. Thanks a bunch, We do not have a Lowes here however Home Depot, Rona or Kent must have these, really appreciate the info. Love the Chainsaw holders, would have never thought of that.”


Lawn Care Trailer Rack 3

When you are at a job site and you take the equipment out that you are going to use, do you lock your trailer back up? I was doing a deck a few years ago in a very good area of the city, we stopped for lunch and went around to the front of the home to eat, 1/2 hour later we went to go back to work around back and most of our tools were gone, I was shocked as we didn’t hear or see a thing and were only, maybe 50 feet away so someone was watching.

landscaping trailer rack 4

landscaping trailer rack 4

Do you strap your gas can’s down? I was thinking of buying some flat steel and just bending in and making a latch to hold them firm.

How do you mark your cans or are you always with the equipment? Some of my gear is diesel, some two strokes and some four, last thing I want is an employee putting the wrong gas in. I thought of placing luggage tags on the cans and use a numbering system that matched the piece of equipment, I bought those Flo & Go nozzles as i find them really slick and although I know the yellow cans are diesel I am concerned a little an employee would take the wrong one.

lawn care trailer rack 5

Justin: “I use this gas can. It works pretty good for me, going on second season and no complaints so far.”

Lawn care business gas can

Lawn care business gas can

What great ideas! The next time you are trying to figure out how to organize and manage all your equipment and parts for your enclosed landscape trailer, consider these cheap and effective options suggested by the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. You can join in on this discussion by visiting this post here.

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