Lessons learned from performing storm cleanups.

When big storms come through your area, there can be a lot of work to come out of them. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, there can be a lot of work, but a lot of it is dangerous. The jobs tend to put you into situations that you are not used to handling. Read up on these lessons learned below, they could save your equipment and your life.

One lawn care business owner wrote “my area was hit hard by a really rare nor’easter storm. The result of the storm was pretty devastating for our community. We had no power for almost two weeks and no cable for longer. No power was really awful especially in the heat wave we were having. The trees were down all over and everything was much pretty much shut down. I heard the storm went half way down the eastern coast. Some of the pics are from yard cleanups I did and other just some random houses I passed going to chain jobs.

Storm cleanup job 1

Storm cleanup job 1

I found out the hard way that taking down damaged trees is really difficult. Luckily the only thing that happened to me while I was working on these jobs was my saw got pinch and with the help of another saw and using a log as a jack it came out.

I can’t stress this enough how dangerous this work was. It is so easy to get complacent after ripping through trees the last couple of weeks. You start to lose your focus and that is when accidents happen. You definitely need to keep your head in the game while you are doing this.

Storm cleanup job - 2

Storm cleanup job - 2

The first week I was doing chain saw work for my mowing customers since it was hard for anyone to communicate with no power or anything. I was actually posting on craigslist from my cellphone the morning after it happened and was surprised when nobody was even calling. But then I realized that millions of people on the east coast had no power or internet! But when we started to get power back to our area, I was getting a lot more calls for work.

I have actually had a lot of success with my postings on craigslist then. I made ads using a mix of photoshop and microsoft publisher and post the picture as a link to my website. I think this helped a lot because it looks much more interesting than the other ads on craigslist there are colors and pictures as opposed to plain text. Another thing it does is puts the little ‘img’ in orange next to your posting which makes it stand out also. These are just little steps I took but I think they helped a lot.”

Storm cleanup job - 3

Storm cleanup job - 3

A second lawn care business owner responded “down trees are more dangerous to cut than standing ones. You need to watch the pressure points when you are sawing them.

Big oaks like the ones in your pictures are really tough to work with. If you cut one of the limbs holding it from flipping over and you can kill yourself easy. The pressure there is so great, a limb can hit you in the head faster and harder than a baseball bat when the tree rolls over.

I keep a machete with me in case I pinch my chain saw on the little branches. You have to watch out because you are more likely to pinch it in brush than anything else. If you really pinch it bad then you can take off the bar and chain. Set the power head off to the side cause if you just leave it hanging it can bend the bar.”

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