Leaving lawn care business cards on retail store counters and other ideas.

Gerald got this discussion started by sharing with us what he was planning on doing to promote his lawn care business and was interested in some more off the wall marketing ideas he could experiment with.

Gerald: “Hey I am just starting out and am looking at different ideas to help me advertise and market my business. I am trying to think outside the box with advertising not just your normal flyers, door hangers etc. I go into a little convenience store by my house to buy my tobacco and the owner saw my trailer loaded with my lawn care equipment and started talking to me and asked me to leave him some business cards. He puts the lawn care business cards on a spot on the counter for his regular customers. I left them yesterday and already got 3 calls for me to go and give estimates in one day. anybody have any more ideas for advertising that are not your normal types of advertising. i am interested to see if anyone uses any different types. Thanks.”

Alehandros: “This year I plan to print my company name on a few of my t-shirts that I wear to school. At school I probably come into contact with 100+ people per day, so by wearing it on you on a weekly basis people will remember your company.

They say that for a customer to remember your company, they need to have seen it 3-4 times until they will remember it, so a t-shirt that is worn to school will target a lot of people and many times too.

I also thought about setting up a bbq after a some kids soccer games. Offering free hot dogs, it attracts everyone and you can give them your flyer at the same time. This allows you to come to contact with dozens of parents from different neighborhoods. You can have small talk with some parents, offer some services, and they definitely won’t forget you because something like this almost never happens. It may cost some money from you, but it shows a lot. They might go home and tell their neighbors about their game, and a very nice lawn care company who hosted a bbq for them too.”

Dave: “Our owner came up with the idea the other day to place a lawn gnome holding one of our signs in the median of a busy intersection. Of course, you’d have to remove it every night to stop people from stealing/breaking it.”

Chestin lawncaremarketingmagic.com: “The coupon in the convenience store is a GREAT idea. On the cards, be sure to include some type of offer to motivate the people to actually pick up the phone and call. Otherwise the card might end up in the garbage as soon as they get home.

Alehandro, I think the t-shirt idea at school is a great idea, but my concern is that I don’t know many students in the market for lawn care services. However, if you do decide to do it, don’t just put your company name on the t-shirt. I’d print some type of offer such as ‘I’ll Give You This T-Shirt When I Cut Your Lawn. (Don’t Worry, I’ll Give You A Clean One!)”. Then be sure to include your phone number or URL so they can contact you. Doing something like this will be much more effective than just hoping they remember your company name later on.

As far as the BBQ goes, I think that’s a GREAT idea. You’re right in thinking your target market will be present and offering something like this is a good way to build some goodwill. One way to make it even more effective would be to print out flyers, give them to the players, and have them take them home to their parents letting them know about the free hot dogs. That way they’ll be looking for you and you’ll get even more people at the game.

Now, as you’re handing out hot dogs, I’d also hand out flyers making them a killer offer for your services. Again, make it something that motivates them to pick up the phone and call as soon as they get home. Better yet, make them an offer that is valid ONLY IF they schedule an estimate or service visit AT the baseball game.

The whole idea is to create marketing that produces results RIGHT NOW, not down the road. As a small business, we need new business now and the money we invest today needs to come ASAP with friends.”

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