Lawn rolling service tips and suggestions.

When was the last time you rolled a lawn with a roller? It’s quite possible you have never considered offering this service. Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that talks about the benefits to rolling a lawn. When you should roll a lawn and some of the steps to take to perform the job properly.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I am wondering for other landscapers who roll lawns, do you drain the roller of water after each customer? I have a 48″ roller that is pulled behind my tractor. It seems it would be very difficult to load that thing in or on one of the trailers if it were full. The draw bar is pretty short so backing up with it is a challenge as well.

Have you ever had a customer get upset from the waste of water? The reason I am asking this is because we start rolling lawns tomorrow and I had never given any thought to the transportation of the equipment. Then I was worried clients on wells (majority) would be upset with us wasting so much water. I would guess I am pushing 400 pounds plus with the one I have when full, probably more so I have to be careful the way it is moved and transported.

From my research it seems the best time to roll lawns is in the spring. It will flatten out the lawn. Over the winter, the frost will heave the ground, a roller will settle things back down, not 100% but close. Then you fill any valley type areas in the lawn with top soil and depending on how big it is seed or lay top soil. Lawn rolling also seems to be required for new top soil or sod prior to seeding or laying sod.

While you are on site performing this job, it could be a good time to inspect the lawn with the owner after you are finished. Give them a quote for any additionally needed top soil, sod, seeding, and or over seeding and spraying. The sod, top soil, and over seeding are for any valley areas we could not roll out and while the roller is on site it makes sense to get it done.

So the plan is to have a second crew with a trailer, top soil, and seed ready to go. One crew would roll the lawn, inspect, and inform the owner or do a walk around with them. Then quote repairs. A second crew does repairs. First crew rolls new spots and heads to next site. This process may take some work as it seems like an expensive process however I am not sure how else to do it as the first crew can only pull one trailer which is for the tractor and roller.

I have to pick up a small hand push roller today for smaller yards. This dumping of water after we are finished at each site is not going to go over well. I just don’t see that we have a choice.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I have a 42″ tow behind vinyl roller that you fill with water. Empty, it weighs about 75 pounds. The bar is short and yes, it is a challenge. I picked it up at a ‘going out of business sale’ for $45.00. I usually bring it with me empty and use the customer’s hose to fill it up and empty it when I’m done. I usually charge a bit more than grass cutting to simply roll the lawn.

For lawn renovations, my procedure is to roto till the whole lawn. Seed it. Then use the roller to flatten and level the lawn. After seeding, the rolling sets the seed so it won’t blow or wash away as easily.

I don’t think there is much difference between rolling the lawn or striping the lawn with a mower. Grass growth in the spring is more robust and a flat lawn has mush less scalping of the grass. One other service that could be a potential upsell is core aeration. Something to experiment with.”

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