Lawn regrading estimate example.

Have you ever been called to a new lawn care customer’s home to bid on a regrading job but didn’t know what to do or where to begin? Here is a great landscaping estimate example where a customer needed their front lawn regraded to allow rain water to flow smoothly away from the house and out to the street. Using this example from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, you should be able to better estimate such landscaping jobs in the future.

One landscaper wrote “I am looking for help on a landscape estimate for a new customer. This lawn care customer’s front yard has sunken over the years. The yard slopes downward and away from the house then it slopes up to the sidewalk that runs along the edge of her property. Beside the sidewalk where the yard is low, the water pools there after it rains. This customer told me she wants it corrected properly and does not want a bed of rock placed in the low lying area. She instead wants the area filled in so the slope runs into the sidewalk and the water does not pool on the lawn.

The area I need to fill is about 15 x 20 feet. The lowest spot is about 6-8 inches below the sidewalk before it raises back up again.

Can I just fill all that in with topsoil and pack it down as much as possible and the re-sod? Or is there another suggestion out there. Also, I have no idea how many man hours this would be.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “the way we do these is to rent a sod cutter. Cut the sod out of the area and set it aside, if you choose to reuse it. Fill the sunken area with dirt and pack as you go. You can use a hand tamper as the area isn’t too big. If you plan on reseeding the area, I suggest you use garden soil, if you are using sod then I would use top soil. I’d figure you will need 7 yards of soil, 300 sq/ft of sod. It is important to ensure the soil is rolled and when you lay the new sod, it ties in to be perfectly flat with the current sod and of the same type of grass. You can also use pulverized black soil to fill (it’s ground up soil) and lay the sod back in place.

Landscape Job Estimate Example

Landscape Job Estimate Example

My estimate of the job costs:

  • Sod cutter rental around here is… $40- 4 hours
  • pulverized black soil….$20 per yard

Estimated time:

  • 30 min to pick up and return sod cutter.
  • 30 min to cut sod and reload sod cutter.
  • 30 min to roll up sod and move out of way.
  • 4 hours to pick up and unload 4 yards of soil. (using a shovel and a wheelbarrow to unload)
  • 1 hour worth of hand tamping
  • 1.5 hours to properly relay sod & water

Total time about 8 hours or 1 day to complete.

I would charge about $400 for this job.”

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