Lawn mower gets caught on landscape trailer ramp.

Do you have landscape equipment that hangs up on your trailer ramp when you are loading it or unloading it? This can become a real problem because it not only slows down your operations but it can also wreck your equipment. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, one lawn care business owner discusses his mower loading and unloading problem, while another explains a fix he found for a similar issue.

He wrote “I have three landscape trailers that all cause me the same problems, same manufacturer, different sizes, when loading or unloading my garden tractors. The problem is the mower deck catches on the ramp. I have tried just about everything to resolve this issue. I tried extending the ramps. I have tried using a 2 X 10 if positioned properly worked but it’s a pain. I adjusted the deck gauge wheels to the max which is also time consuming. I built a slider for the sides of the decks which worked but then I found it would catch on some lawns. Surely they make landscape trailers that we can simply drive on and off. Has anyone else had this problem and come up with a simple solution?

The thing is, I wouldn’t need this fix for every day use. Just when I need my bigger equipment moved.”

landscape trailer ramp problem

landscape trailer ramp problem

landscape trailer ramp problem

landscape trailer ramp problem

A second lawn care business owner said “here is the fix. I had a similar problem and went to my local landscape trailer store and they had a foldable ramp from a trailer that buckled where it hinged. I removed the hinge and used half the ramp. It is 2 feet by 6 feet. Next I went to a boat supply store and bought two solid rubber rollers as they will take 4,000 pounds each. They were the perfect length at 8.5″. The rubber grips the pavement and I could remove these if I needed to. The steel is there to stay. To be honest though it was a super quick and super cheap way to do this. I bolted them to the ramp extension and left 3/4″ of the bolt sticking up which locks it to the main ramps on the trailer.

I have used it a few times yesterday and it cured the problem, total cost $26.00, this additional ramp is super light. The thing to keep in mind is this fix would be for a service you did every once in a while not everyday.

For fall cleanup services I haul a garden tractor with a leaf vacuum attached and I take along a sweeper. To do this, I need 15 feet of trailer, with a minimum of 6′ wide. After having these loading problems, I started looking around for something different. I tried a 16′ cargo trailer which worked but I didn’t like the enclosed part because I want people to see this equipment. Showing off this equipment has brought a ton of business during year from parking lots where we may be getting lunch, coffee, banking etc.

Using this ramp fix gets real old, real fast, when I am having to put that under the original ramp at every stop. But it is good enough for the once in a while need. I hope it helps you.”

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landscape trailer ramp fix

landscape trailer ramp fix

landscape trailer ramp fix

landscape trailer ramp fix

landscape trailer ramp fix

landscape trailer ramp fix

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