Lawn marketing ideas that didn’t work and some that did.

Every once in a while I like to ask on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, what lawn care marketing ideas have you experimented with? What hasn’t worked and what has. It seems one of the things I have learned from asking this is every time I ask it, I will get different responses! So let’s look into what some of the business owners shared with me.

One said “We’ve gained lawn care business in pretty every marketing campaign we have taken, except for two. The first being our church bulletin.

We did not get a single call from being in it and it was pretty pricey. The second is a recent parade that we did. We also haven’t received any calls but I don’t regret the parade since I think it was good exposure.”

Another seemed to find interactions with his customer base to be a bad thing. He wrote “I have learned that befriending the customer is bad!

I get stuck on the phone talking about LIFE instead of the money they owe me. Eventually they start using me and saying things like they have already paid one of my workers money so they don’t owe me anything, when I’m the only friggen worker!

I’m almost happy I lost several customers due to grass barely growing, it makes my life less stressful, but for a price!
I hate speaking with customers, hate hate hate! Sometimes you give obvious hints that you need to GO, but they ignore them. Some I have tried:

1. I left my phone in the truck, I’m expecting a call (doesn’t work)
2. I have to get to a property in 5 minutes (doesn’t work)
3. I have a lot to do today, I really have to finish (doesn’t work)

This one customer I have is really slow or something. Once you get friendly, you are LOSING. Be blunt & aggressive ALWAYS. Next year I’m putting on my game face, no more smiling! I have customers calling me just to chat!”

A third shared “post card mail drops didn’t work at all for me, even though they were to a very specific area. I sent out 7,500 cards and did not get a single call.

Hiring a marketing company to design our post cards, total waste of money, I have since designed 7 for target services, I didn’t realize how easy it was and it only cost me my time, maybe an hour each.

Printing, I found a site on the web that is a fraction of what I paid the first time and the quality every bit as good or better. Shop around there are good prices to be had.

Focus on mowing only - this was the plan when I started getting ready in January. It would have been a disaster if I didn’t realize in April I would starve. Although I had already bought the gear, I quickly researched other jobs we could do, bought gear the small guys didn’t have and never looked back.

Deck construction - mainly it’s the same as mowing, seems every guy with a hammer and a trunk offers to build decks.

To be honest that’s about it. I went with a method I used for years in my other business where I ask clients for ideas of services they need. I write the idea down and ask clients if they would be interested in me performing them. If I get positive feedback I then advertise the service and then buy the equipment. So far this concept has been working perfect for me.”

One last lawn care business owner shared “my restaurant place mat ad hasn’t brought in one caller since they are out. I can’t figure out why,  maybe because their hiding the ad behind the napkin when you sit down? Also my phone tear off tabs ad flyers have a lot of tear offs gone off but I haven’t got any calls from them either. Maybe people lose that piece of paper/number?”

Consider these ideas when you are coming up with your next lawn care business marketing concepts. Knowing what has and hasn’t worked for others may help you save a lot of money on marketing campaigns that just don’t work.

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