Lawn care postcards to drop off as you drive by.

Have you ever found yourself out driving from job to job when you see a property that could really use one of your services? As you drive by it you think to yourself hmm if I could only get them as a customer. But what is the best way to promote yourself to potential lawn care customers as you are driving by? One of our members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum has found a solution that he shared with us.

He wrote “Here is an idea that has been working for us and working very well.

Lawn care postcards to drop off

Lawn care postcards to drop off

I have some full color post cards printed that look simply amazing. A few weeks ago I was driving with an employee and we noticed a lawn that was covered in dandelions, to the point there was no grass.

It struck me we should have a card along the lines that “We were driving by your property today and noticed …………………., Our company would be pleased to provide services to help you out and as always our estimates are free. A complete list of our services is on the back of this card or visit our website at ……………….

So I had 500 cards printed, here are a few for the blank above

  • Dandelions have taken over your lawn
  • Weeds are taking over your lawn
  • Brown patches in need of help
  • Mold from trees on your siding
  • Leaning trees you might want to have cut
  • Driveway might need to be graded
  • You have a pile of top soil you might want us to spread
  • Save your back, we can spread that crusher run for you
  • Brush seems to be taking over, we have brush saws
  • Your front deck might like a pressure cleaning
  • The water on your lawn, we offer drainage solutions

I know there are a couple more as I think we came up with 12, if I or the employees have time and notice something driving by a house, they will stop and give the owner a card or leave it in the door, it really works well as the prospect sees that we are paying attention.”

That is very creative! Maybe you could highlight or check or even circle the services you think they could use too? To bring extra attention to them.

He replied, “I thought about that as it would have been cheaper than having cards printed for various services however I thought one card for each would look a little more professional, I know from traffic people are going to the site anyhow which has every thing that we do.

This works well, our recent focus has been pressure washing decks and siding, I hired a full time employee with a vehicle to do only this service and it’s working very well. Since we have staff at various sites every day, they know to look around and they either mention it to the customer and leave a card or they simply leave a card if the client is not home.

We find we are picking up a significant amount of business from neighbours, word of mouth and the lettering on our trucks and trailers.

I did a small excavation job for a lady yesterday, our city has over 300,000 people, she said I see your trucks, trailers and employees every where I go, you must me a big company and doing well which is why we hired you.

I laughed to myself and told the staff later, I don’t consider us a big company, our vehicles do get around and some of the staff like to wear their jackets outside work hours which is great, I was once told by one of our marketing people in another company, image is everything.”

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