Lawn care postcard review.

It can be difficult to create a lawn care postcard design. Sometimes what may look good to us, might not look as good to others. Asking for opinions on your graphic design is a good way to figure out which elements of your marketing material may be good or which may not. Here is a great example of this from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. Compare some of these tips to your most recent marketing design and see if you can improve upon what you have created.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’m using a lot of RED in my business for this new season. Blue is the color of trust, but red is just awesome… ‘POWER’ baby! I used a few different fonts and feel that if my customer cannot read basic cursive, even in bold lettering - I would be thankful if they decided not to contact me. I understand that maybe a regular font would be easier to read but let’s not forget, fonts are available for us to send a ‘message’ to our customers. Cursive may give my company a refined image that I am looking to project but I would like another opinion on this before I send it out.”

Lawn care postcard design

Lawn care postcard design

A second lawn care business owner said “the first problem that I see is that you have multiple and unreadable fonts on your lawn care business postcard. When I say multiple, I mean a  count of 5 makes your message far to confusing and gives the overall design a very jumbled look. Take a look at any major ad campaign. In most ads they most certainly only use one font.

The person looking at your lawn care business postcard is only going to scan it quickly. If the message that the person sees isn’t simple then he/she is going to throw it in the trash without giving it another thought.

Lawn care postcard review.

Lawn care postcard review.

This is where I get to my second point. After scanning your lawn care flyer for a good 10 seconds (more time than will be given by the average potential lawn care  customer) I have no recollection of what your business is called. Your website name is another victim of misplaced typography. Look at the flyer. What is the most unreadable font on it? Your business name! Try to think like your customer. If I was a customer and had 4 flyers in front of me, and was choosing a company based on the flyer alone, I would choose one that had a name that I actually remembered. So, a basic rule of thumb (that can be broken, but not by amateur graphic designers) is that script font (read: cursive) should NEVER EVER be used.

My third point is that your lawn care flyer is seriously lacking some hierarchy. Again, you have less than 10 seconds to get a call out of potential customers. That is NOT enough time for them to read through a bullet list of everything you do. Keep it simple!

I don’t mean to be harsh, just trying to help you out.

Lawn care flyer design

Lawn care flyer design

Here is a lawn care flyer / postcard design that I like, to give you a comparison.”

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