Lawn care marketing with radio or TV ads?

Has your lawn care business been contacted by a sales person trying to get you to spend your lawn care marketing budget on radio or TV ad space? Were they super energetic and made you feel this was a no brainer and you would come out ahead if you did it? Another lawn care business owner wondered about this marketing method too when he shared with us his situation on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. What he learned should help you avoid a costly mistake.

He wrote “has anybody tried or do any radio advertising with their lawn care marketing? What about advertising your lawn care business on TV? If so how did it work and what was your main focus in the ad? I was contacted by a local radio station sales persons and I am looking at doing some radio or TV ads in the spring to try to gain more residential lawn care accounts. My main focus in the ad would be that I am licensed and insured. I would point this out to stand out from low ballers and I was thinking of offering a 10 % off coupon to any new lawn care customers. Do you think this is a good idea or would I be wasting my money?”

lawn care business radio advertising

lawn care business radio advertising

A second lawn care business owner shared “based on my experience, when we had experimented with our lawn care marketing, we thought to ourselves that no one else was putting ads on the local TV stations or putting ads on radio. So if we did this, we would stand out and what a great opportunity it would be! We then spent thousands of dollars on radio and television advertising, with the end results, next to NIL!

Our sales ad rep suggested we use those TV ad’s, the ones where you go to a certain channel and it tells you what is on at what time and what channel on half the screen, the other half is scrolling advertisements, sometimes talking ad’s. We also tried advertising on a weather channel with the logic that if you are looking to see the temperature for that day, you might not want to be mowing your lawn so you would hire us. Or you might want to see if it was going to snow tomorrow, so you would see our ad and call us.

I can tell you our lawn care marketing experiment left us with the lessons that radio and TV ads are expensive and I have since found other ways to bring in more lawn care business than we could handle that is cheaper and more effective. So steer clear of these marketing methods.

I have found aside from using my network and referrals, small newspaper ads in specific areas and job specific post cards are what grew my lawn care company to where it is today. Having a website has been amazing to as long as you are getting high rankings for your specific search terms.

Another thing you should consider is look for local spring trade home show. We do them as well with great results. With all this lawn care marketing we are getting to the point where we have to step back and revamp our structure! My waiting list for landscape projects is now close to 4 weeks and  I hate putting people off that long. It’s not an ideal way to operate.
I believe direct mail advertising will give the best results. Find a group you want to mail your message to and then create some lawn care post cards and send them! I have yet to talk to anyone within lawn care or landscaping industries that had any positive results from radio or TV ads that made the cost worth while.”

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