Lawn care marketing on race cars?

There are so many lawn care marketing methods to experiment with, you will never try them all, but seeing what works for others may be a good indicator at what might work for you too. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we talk about what marketing methods have worked for others this past year such as lawn care marketing on race cars.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this year has really taken off for me and it started with buying some color-plast lawn signs and placing them on my customer’s yards for snow plowing with a phone #. These brought a lot of new business. So much so that I ended up turning down work and had to take down the snow plowing yard signs so I wouldn’t get any more calls.

Snow Plowing Lawn Sign

Snow Plowing Lawn Sign

Another lawn care marketing platform I am experimenting with having my lawn care marketing on a race car by sponsoring a race car at a local track here. I am not sure what that will bring, but it’s a top 5 car and the car runs in the TD Bank 250, which brings in a lot people here.

They sell different sized ad spots that vary in cost, size, and placement. The better the car, the more it costs. I was looking for different ways to advertise this year on top of the usual ways and my friend who owns the car suggested I advertise with him. They sell the ads by the season and you can re-run it the next year if you want, but there is no obligation to do so.

On the big race, it pretty much shuts the area down and alot of people, both local and from out of state come that live here. Many have summer homes here or have family that does.

Here are a couple of pictures of my lawn care marketing on a race car I am sponsoring. The one with my logo was when it was first rubbed and the paper backing hadn’t been pulled off. The car will be in a mall show for 2 weeks in March and I will get a better picture of it then.

I am also attaching a picture of my snow plow yard signs. With them I just made a simple basic sign that got to the point quickly and worked well.

Lawn care business race car ad 1

Lawn care business race car ad 1

This summer I am thinking about sponsoring a local fishing tournament in July. The brochures with my ad would go out to local area businesses.

Even with all that, I am still working on a few more different ways to advertise this year, along with my local newspaper ads. I am looking to come up with some new ideas for my brochures I want to hand out at the local business showcase I will be attending this fall via the chamber of commerce. To get some ideas for the show, I went to a home and garden show yesterday and while there, I was wearing my business sweatshirt. I talked with people and handed out some business cards, then ended up making some new networking contacts.

Lawn care business race car ad 2

Lawn care business race car ad 2

What new ways of advertising has anyone tried this year?”

A second lawn care business owner responded “I joined the local Chamber of Commerce last week. The total memberships is around 500 plus of local business leaders. They have monthly mailers that go out which showcase new members and their services. They also have monthly mixers which give you the chance to meet and socialize with other business owners.

In May our town has a May Mart in the park. Vendors from nurseries and other spring activities will be on display. I haven’t decided but I just might set up display. I am thinking I may bring with me some of my lawn care equipment and hand out fliers.

I also had luck with advertising in my local newspaper last year so my ad will go in the paper the middle of March.

Lawn Care Marketing On Race Cars

Lawn Care Marketing On Race Cars

The #1 best advertising for me last year was simply being face to face with home owners. In the spring I drove around the areas I want to work in looking for grass that wasn’t cut or property that needed other services. When I found one, I approached the owner and offered to help.”

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