Lawn care internet marketing tips & techniques.

Getting a lawn care business website up initially is an important step. As soon as you take it, you need to follow some basic principles to rank as high as possible in search engine result rankings. There are also marketing methods you can utilize to attract viewer to your site from social networking sites like Facebook. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum we look into a few of them and how to harness their power.

One new lawn care business owner wrote “I finally got around to making my lawn care website, although it is not up nor complete (I still need to spell check and such) but here is a screenshot. Are there any tips you can suggest? I have been feeling quite overwhelmed with everything going on and the website kept getting pushed further and further back on my to do list. This is my first time on my own since I recently left my partner and started my new company!”

Lawn Care Business Website

Lawn Care Business Website

A second lawn care business owner said “it looks good. If your trying to get google to ‘like’ your page and give you higher rankings, the more text you have on any given subject the better. For example, don’t just save we offer fall leaf cleanups, talk about the different services you provide with the cleanup and why they are important to the health of your lawn. How aeration helps a lawn breath and break down organic buildup of materials to better feed your lawn. Make sure you remember your keywords and use them, along with the city and state you are servicing.

Customer testimonials are also very important to have! After every completed job I write on the invoice to please visit my website and sign my guestbook, regardless of their experience with me. I also filled out an information sheet for google for my site to come up when locals would look for lawn care etc. Look around at other websites while you build your own as you may find ideas you can apply to your site. For instance, by doing that I found this idea were I now have a cool little section that talks about native plants of our area.”

A third added “Following up on this…

If your business can afford it…

Try a campaign like “like us on facebook, receive a free cut”. You’d be surprised how many people take you up on your offer. I made a script that was pretty easy to put together that helps me do this.

If you are thinking ‘why would I want to run a campaign like this? How will it benefit me?’

The answer to that is:

As you know, Facebook is becoming more of a social networking ‘engine’. I can’t even BEGIN to explain the power of Facebook. If you could take just 10% of your facebook network potential and direct it to your business, you would have nice stack of cash sitting in the bank.

Now let me explain how facebook is so ‘powerful’ and what it can do to help.

When someone ‘likes’ something on facebook, it is automatically posted on their activity feed for ALL of their friends to see.

By using a script, you create an App in facebook (not hard) and insert this script in the app.

When someone ‘likes’ your app to receive their free cut. It POSTS an UPDATE on their wall which displays in all of their friends news feeds.

This technique is used by many companies on facebook in different variations and it can build up a large fan following when implemented.

Now think of promoting an update, special, or bonus to thousands of SUPER targeted fans… you begin to see the power of facebook.

I preach this from experience as I have have literally generated thousands of dollars from my clients from facebook alone.”

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