Lawn care customers that don’t want to pay sales tax.

Sooner or later when you are running your lawn care business you are going to run into a new client who is going to want to haggle with you and tell you they don’t want to pay sales tax either. How should you deal with such a situation? Should you agree? Should you disagree? Should you walk away? Should you run? This is a situation that was brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and I wanted to share with you how others deal with it to help you create your own way to deal with it as well.

Lawn Care Customers Sales Tax

Lawn Care Customers Sales Tax

One of our members wrote “I had a lady call me twice yesterday so I went to her house today to measure the lawn and give her a price. She had two guys from the local mission working at her house (that should have been my clue to just leave, lol). The job came to $50 plus tax for a weekly mowing.

She came out with sauce on her nose (yes, her nose) and said the last guy did it for $40. I told her that she should probably stick with him then. I knew she was not going to let me go without a haggling session.

I then told her that price is specifically for weekly mowing only. She said ‘Oh, I only need it cut every 3 weeks. I also don’t want to pay tax.’ I told her that nobody wants to pay taxes but we all do it and the best I could do would be cut every other week for $65.

She’s also a business owner (restaurant owner which may or may not explain the sauce, lol) so she should understand the difference.

It did feel good to stick to my price and not give an inch. I’ll bet she calls me tomorrow with more haggling.”

Another lawn care business owner shared “Personally, and I seem to run into this quite a bit, if a person haggles over paying tax, my reply is quite simple and always the same ‘I personally am quite thankful for all of the social systems we have free access to, these come at a cost, my company never has and never will support the underground economy and I wish you well.’ I walk even if they state ok I will pay, or if they email me later or call, I will not go back. Perhaps this is too harsh but it’s the way I run things.”

What is fascinating to me about all this was that the first customer discussed was a business owner herself. I thought it would be quite amusing if the lawn care business owner showed up the next day to her restaurant and then wanted to haggle with her the price of the food and not pay sales tax. What do you want to bet, that would not go over very well?

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