Lawn care customer gives me a raise?

You never know how good or bad your lawn service is until you get feedback from your customers. Sometimes you have to ask them for it, sometimes they will give it away unsolicited. Amazingly enough, sometimes they will not only give you a positive unsolicited review, but they will also give you a raise as we will see here in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. But what should getting a raise mean to you?

One lawn care business owner wrote “I got a couple of unsolicited performance reviews this week. The first was from a lawn care customer that I picked up earlier this year. She used to have a lady that cut her grass and was extremely happy with her service but the lady got out of the lawn care business and suggested a different lawn care company that was awful.

When I did the lawn care estimate I got the full story and I was sure that when I got the job I was going to be perpetually compared to the lady that used to cut the grass. Fast forward to the first service date and strangely enough the customer was home during working hours and came out to talk to me and told me she was very happy with my service. She even told the lady that used to do her grass that she should suggest me to her other customers instead of the other guy. I jumped on this opportunity and gave her a bunch of cards to hand out to her friends.

The second. I was on a lawn today at a place where I used to live directly across the street from my old property. My old neighbor came over and stopped me and told me how nice of a job I’ve been doing. We caught up a bit and had a nice 5 minute chat. I gave her a bunch of cards to hand out to her friends. Then afterwards the lady that owns the property gave me a voluntary raise ($3 per cut) without me asking, after the second visit, so I know she wants me to stick around.

That was all pretty nice and definitely made up for the troubles I had this week. An automatic raise like that is awesome but it’s also kind of sad to think someone got burned bad enough to have to offer more money to keep someone good around. I guess as long as they agree to the service terms I place on the bid, I am happy with the raises. It does make me wonder though if I need to be bidding higher from here on out. Also, it makes me wonder how terrible the average lawn care service is in my area and maybe I should be using that in my future lawn care marketing.”

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