lawn care business upsell idea - driveway sealing.

A question I get asked often on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum is, what other services can I offer to make more money? I usually have a bunch of ideas to share with them but here is a great idea I hadn’t even considered. One of our members wrote “Yesterday I was out giving¬† lawn care quotes.

We have had a few customers ask if we would seal their paved driveway, our response has been this is not a service we offer at this time however we will note you are interested should we decide to offer it.

Lawn Care Business - Driveway sealing

Lawn Care Business - Driveway sealing

I had two clients ask me about this today. I was at their homes for other work when it just came up.

As I was driving to find a milk shake I noticed two guys with a small truck spraying sealer on a paved driveway and decided to stop. They had a pretty simple setup. I asked for some business cards as we had clients asking and it was something we didn’t do. I liked the job they did and we talked about pricing, subcontracting them etc.

They do this straight by the square foot, they roll around the edges of the driveway with a 16″ roller then spray. It is very quick to do this job but what a mess the back of their truck was.

They offered me a 20% referral which I think I will do for now, I don’t think this is something that interests me due to the mess.

But as I was driving home I started looking at paved driveways, I think this could be another gold mine.

I think lawn care extends to property care. Any thing we can do to help the home owner and make a buck at, interests me.

Did more reading tonight on it and found this is a high profit margin service, seems like it is a fairly easy sale also.

The number one downside is the mess, I looked at a number of companies, pictures etc. The vehicles are a mess which I understand, it would be next to impossible to keep things clean and staff being what they are, it would not fit well with my image push in yard care. Eventually even the inside of vehicles would be a mess even if we did use a trailer.

I called and spoke with the owner of this small company again last night, I received the names of two of his clients and called them to see if they were happy with the work done, that passed so I emailed him two of my clients and we shall see how this goes.

The issue with sub contracting in my experience is if there is an issue with the work, even though it’s not your issue, your client will make it your issue as you referred someone. I have to take a chance and see how this goes, this could work for both of us.”

What a fantastic insight! Maybe you could offer this service to your current lawn care customers or maybe you could find a company and sub-contract them out for a %. Experiment with both options and see which works best for you.

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