Lawn care business uniforms and truck signs.

Creating an image your company projects is something that tends to separate the startups from the more veteran businesses. The better your image, the more confident the new customers will be in choosing you to provide them with the services they need. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we get some insight into the importance of having lawn care uniforms early on versus waiting until your company reaches a certain size to be concerned with appearance.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this is my first year being in business. I got a few shirts in late May but they are now starting to fade rapidly. I am looking to get some new shirts. Right now I am working on creating a logo. I am not sure exactly how this will work out. I am using the LOGO CREATOR on Gopher since my budget won’t allow for much extra money. I would like to have my logo printed on my new shirts.

Lawn Care business uniforms.

Lawn Care business uniforms.

I never really had much contact with lawn care companies growing up so I have no idea what a professional lawn care person would wear. Any Ideas would be great? I’m torn between getting T-shirts or polo shirts. Any suggestions? Maybe a little of both. What kind of pants do companies wear with these shirts? Though this is my first year, I want to come back Bigger and Better next year. I also bought two truck magnets for my business. They are doing well, but I am worried once I get my logo on my shirts, it won’t match my truck and then as I get to be more known to people they may think it is two different companies. Any suggestions on that?

If I did lettering instead of magnets on my truck, how exactly does that work? Does it come off easily? Any help you guys can give me concerning uniforms and truck lettering/magnets would be great!”

Lawn Care Uniform Hat

Lawn Care Uniform Hat

A second lawn care business owner said “I wouldn’t worry about the lawn care uniform of shirts and pants yet. If you are going to spend the money, I would put as much advertising on my truck as possible and on your trailer. If you have one, make your truck stand out a bigger than an outfit which has 3 trucks that all look the same and you can tell them from a mile away. How much business do you think your going to get from wearing your shirt? Your truck can advertise for you all the time even if its parked at the parts store or on a busy street. Go with vinyl and go big. It comes off with a little heat gun and it makes you look like your going to be around for a while unlike magnets.

You can get the truck signs done for what you probably would have paid for the shirts at a local shirt place that requires a minimum order of like 12 to 15. If you are a one guy show I’d spend the money on the truck. When you get to the point of having employees, I would get lawn care uniforms.”

Lawn care uniform hoodie.

Lawn care uniform hoodie.

A third added “for a while I would wear blue Dickies pants, black work boots, a white Tshirt with my company’s logo on the front, and a white hat with the logo on it. I always carry at least one extra shirt in the truck in case I have to do a lawn care estimate before I get home in the evenings. I always tuck the shirt in when doing estimates. The reason I went with this is because I used to use blue jeans but they always ripped when lifting heavy things. Also, sometimes I would wear polos but when it’s 110 outside, its too much. Though wearing a polo when doing estimates would be a good idea.

I have extra shirts that I sometimes have my helper wear. He likes cut off sleeveless shirts and I don’t want to have my company’s shirts cut off so most of the time he wears his own stuff but I’m always in uniform.

Just the other day though I scaled up my lawn care uniform and ordered a light and dark colored uniform, just like sports teams have. So I can change it between a dark blue and an off-white. I now have pants, baseball hats, short sleeve polos, long sleeve shirts, and a hoodie sweatshirt. All have my logo on them. I feel lawn care uniforms and truck signs need to be improved upon as your company grows in order to look more and more professional. As you make more money, you can spend more on such items.

Lawn care uniform short sleeve shirt.

Lawn care uniform short sleeve shirt.

In the beginning, I wouldn’t make it an absolute priority. Instead, I would try to look the best I could with what I had and spend the money I had in marketing to attract new customers.”

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