Lawn care business sales procedures.

To improve upon your lawn care business sales procedures, you really need to handle everything uniformly. From the moment you first reach out to the customer to the most you finish a job, the more you handle each step the same, the better chance you have at seeing where you need to improve and then implement that improvement in the future. Here is a great example of pretty solid sales procedure from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that you might want to implement yourself and customize to meet your needs.

One lawn care business owner wrote “here are the steps I take with my sales procedures. They have been developed over the years through trial and error. If you don’t have such a process set up in your company, I’d suggest you at least start with what I have and then improve upon it to fit your company.

Step 1: Client contacts us. Thank the client for contacting us. Ask the client how they found out about us, so that you can track the cost effectiveness of your current marketing methods. Set up a time to meet with the client for bid proposal.

Step 2: Meet with client. Assess mowing, landscaping project, and/or current landscape management needs. Set up a time to meet with the client in person to deliver the bid proposal. Put together new client package.

Step 3: Meet client in person to deliver bid proposal and new client package. New client package includes the proposal, our written guarantee, referral program information, current and past newsletters, information and offers on other services.

Step 4: If client does not hire you on the spot, have a follow-up letter postmarked within 24hours that:

  • Thanks them for giving you the opportunity to bid.
  • Reaffirms your key selling points.
  • Encourages them to call to schedule their mowing/project
  • Call with any questions.

Step 5: Schedule job.

Step 6: If you are not going to be on the job site and it is a project rather than routine maintenance, make a job packet for your employees. The job packet should include:

  • Materials list.
  • Directions to job site.
  • Customer contact information.
  • Digital pics with directions such as move this tree, or leave this rock undisturbed etc.

Step 7: Complete job.

Step 8: Bill client.

Step 9: Send a thank you letter within 24 hours of the completion of the job.

Step 10: Follow up by phone 1-3 days after completion if you have not talked to client after completion.

Following these steps should greatly improve your processes as well as your customer’s experience with you.”

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